How Women in the Marketing Field Can Get Ahead

The marketing world has made considerable progress over the years. The advent of new technology and social media has opened new doors for women in the marketing field, especially digital marketing. Specifically, positions in SEO, PPC, communications, and social media management are made increasingly available to women looking for jobs. Although they may sometimes be underrepresented in the sector, there are many things women can do to make their resume more competitive and break into the marketing industry. In honor of National Business Women’s week, we have compiled some tips and tricks that can enter or further progress into the marketing field. 


While this may seem like a cliche at this point, the importance of networking is impossible to understate. Networking is made easier than ever nowadays thanks to platforms like Linkedin and Facebook. Add the fact that a large percentage of marketing is done online, and you have the perfect recipe for creating a large network of marketing professionals. Another excellent way to build your network is by joining associations like the American Business Woman’s Association (ABWA). Here, you can network with similar-minded women, helping you make connections that could lead you to your dream job!

Stay At The Cutting Edge of Technology

Marketing-especially digital marketing- is an ever-evolving field. Every woman that wants to get into marketing must stay up to date with the newest technology and its possible marketing applications. You can do this by reading various trade publications and leading business sources. Not only will keeping up with technology make you competitive on job applications, but it will also keep you informed on the direction the industry is heading. 

Diversify Your Skills

While marketing may be where you have your sights set, it should not blind you from diversifying your business acumen. This could include sales, advertising, and web development. Being well-versed in these other areas not only makes you a better digital marketer, but it ensures you stand out more when applying for jobs. 

Marketing Yourself

As important as marketing your clients or brands you work for is, the most important thing to market in the early stages of a career is yourself. This includes making sure your Linkedin and social media profiles are polished and making sure you maintain a professional presence in marketing circles. The importance of understanding your niche and how to make your presence known is essential for women trying to make their presence felt in the marketing world. 


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