Yahoo! The Beginning or End of an Internet Pioneer?

Yahoo! The End of an Era!

The Yahoo sale is big news in the internet world. The company that was worth $125 billion in the early 2000s sold for $4.8 billion. Is this the end or beginning?

It’s official: Yahoo is no longer an independently-owned internet giant anymore! Although some would say that compared to Facebook or Google, the god of all search engines, Yahoo has not been an internet giant for very long. The nostalgic may recall the by-gone era of the early 2000s when Yahoo was one of the most regularly visited sites on the internet. For those die hard internet activists who believe the internet is a fundamental right as much as the first amendment is, the Yahoo sale is indicative of a world wide web that is increasingly corporatized.

SEO firms in Fort Lauderdale, and around the world, have not been interested in Yahoo’s search engine for quite some time now. Those who do hold appreciation for Yahoo tend to hold Bing in higher regards, anyway.

The company has been called a jack of all trades and master of none. Tumblr, Yahoo News, and even the email services still attract billions of visits per month; however, there is not a lot of revenue being generated, and even less innovation in comparison to other engines like Bing or Google.

The New York Times published an article on the Yahoo sale claiming that the last Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer, had “failed to resolve Yahoo’s central problem: a lack of focus”.

The rising question is: Will Verizon be able to consolidate that focus? The communications giant has the resources, and has been going toe-to-toe with its own formidable competition in AT&T and T-Mobile, which could be enough experience in itself.

Either way, until Yahoo becomes and innovator again, SEO firms will likely only use Tumblr for the occasional social media post. Regardless, if the Yahoo Sale means the end of an internet pioneer, it will be a sad day for internet lovers, indeed.