Pinterest’s Impact on SEO

The Power of Pinterest

Look at Pinterest's impact on SEO, product marketing and branding, and you'll see a site that can have a tremendous impact how you do business!

By now, you’ve probably heard the name Pinterest come up in social media marketing discussions. While it’s been recognized as a great resource for DIY projects, home decor, fashion, and other itemized categories, there is also a way to look at Pinterest’s impact on SEO. Look at Pinterest from an angle of product marketing and branding, and you’ll see a site that can have a tremendous impact on your SEO. As a pinning addict¬†and someone who has personally seen substantial blog traffic increases from Pinterest, I believe Pinterest’s impact on SEO has the power to expose your company, your products, and your message to a large audience. Here are some key points to remember and use to your benefit:

-The target (and key) demographic of Pinterest is women, who make up 87 percent of the users.

-Users spend, on average, anywhere from 17 minutes-1 hour on the site at a time, where the average Twitter user spends 36 minutes, and the average LinkedIn user spends 17 minutes. People staying longer is likely to increase sharing and “repinning,” which is where the business value comes in.

-One pin can be endlessly repinned by users, exposing each of their individual audiences to the pin. Hashtags can also be used to have pins show up in Pinterest searches.

-Pinterest is visually driven, so think in terms of eye-catching, interesting, and aesthetically appealing images. Infographics can succeed here very well.

-On the account settings end, make sure your profile (which hosts your pins) is able to be viewed by search engines. Optimize your profile with keywords, and don’t forget to include your location!

-Follow people in similar industries. Follow boards you like and that you would like to be included on. For example, if you sell a tech product, repin pins under the Geek, Product, or Technology categories to try and reach your target users.

-Be sure to tell everyone (via other social profiles, e-mails, and newsletters, for example) that you are on Pinterest. Get the word out!

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