Instagram’s Carousel Can Increase Brand Awareness

In the world of social media, Instagram is a rather impressive platform. With multiple updates in 2016 and continuous updates rolling out so far in 2017, Instagram is offering not only social media enthusiasts but also business owners more opportunities for exposure.

At Tandem Interactive, a South Florida digital marketing agency, we work to get your company on the forefront of a search query using SEO, PPC, and Social campaigns. We know using the correct platforms that are current, functional, and popular are a sure-fire way to get your company noticed. In the last few months, Instagram has made it even easier to market your brand by launching the ability to share a mix of up to 10 photos or videos in a single post.  This new feature is referred to as a Carousel, allowing users to post as many as 10 photos in which the viewer can swipe through each one, like a slideshow.

How can businesses use this to their advantage? No longer do you have to gripe over choosing the perfect photo for your marketing technique. If you want to share multiple images of a project, event, or promotion you’re offering, you can now use Instagram’s Carousel to ensure your viewers get the full scope of what your service can do for them.  Catching your audience’s eye with one image will be all it takes to get them to scroll through a variety of your company’s photos, videos, or promotions.

Additional features of Instagram that can benefit your company include:

  • Easy account switching for companies and brand managers to set up campaigns across multiple accounts
  • Video that can play up to 60 seconds for promotional video advertising
  • A translation button that does away with language barriers, so your company won’t suffer from geographical limits
  • Instagram stories that allow businesses to take their brand “storytelling” to a whole new level

Sometimes one photo just doesn’t tell the whole story. With help from the expert marketing team in South Florida at Tandem Interactive, we can help your company tell your story with Instagram’s new Carousel feature.