COVID-19 Business Resource Series: Impact on Freelance Writers

This blog is part of Tandem’s COVID-19 Business Resource Series, where we will update the community regularly and offer industry-specific tips as well as our best solutions in minimizing the economic risk many businesses may endure during this critical time. Tandem appreciates your trust in us and will continue to be your valued digital marketing partner during this pandemic.

As hundreds of thousands of people are receiving their COVID-19 diagnosis, companies worldwide close their doors and the country comes to a halt. What is the impact on freelance writers? There has been an immediate and profound impact on freelance writers during COVID-19 thus far. Our digital marketing agency in South Florida is here to share how to market yourself while coping with COVID-19.

Freelance Writers During COVID-19

The freelance writing world is already a cruel and tight market. But to now add a worldwide pandemic into the mix? The direct impact on freelance writers during COVID-19 is brutal. Although they are lucky to work remotely, the economic uncertainty of this market can be overwhelming.1 Freelance writers work strictly on a contract basis, making them an easy target as companies find ways to mitigate costs during this pandemic. Authors, columnists, editors, journalists, novelists, poets, reporters, contributors, and more fight for their positions in the midst of countless layoffs and furloughs. No one saw this coming. Assignments, projects and other opportunities have been scarce and more often canceled.

The COVID-19 outbreak might leave writers with these anxiety-driven questions:

  • Will there be work?
  • When will I work again?
  • How will I manage my finances during this time?
  • What will I do? 2

How to Market Yourself

Did you know over 57 million Americans participate in freelance work?3 The hunt for a spot begins as the pandemic unleashes havoc on our country. Are you ready to learn how to market yourself and ways to reduce the impact on freelance writers? Take a deep breath, grab a notepad, and get ready to fight for freelance work.

Adjust Your Skillset

There is no better time to adjust your skillset than during a worldwide pandemic. While the impact on freelance writers is harsh, it’s crucial to pick up your chin and learn a few new skills to better market yourself. Think about your current clientele, your style of writing, and how you can expand on your skills to become a better version of yourself.4 While things are moving rapidly, it’s essential to take everything day by day. Pick a new skill each week and create a plan to become more proficient. For example, if you have noticed a strong niche for Associated Press Stylebook, but you are accustomed to the Chicago Manual of Style, take this time to learn, grow and expand your proficiencies to better market yourself during COVID-19. Maybe you are more of a creative writer with a strong voice, but you have seen more job ads for technical writers, practice this new style to suit the demand. You can also develop your SEO marketing skills to appeal to a whole other industry you originally didn’t think to explore. Practice makes perfect, so utilize this chaotic time to become a better you.

Utilize Social Media

If you aren’t already utilizing social media to market yourself, then now is the time. Increase your brand exposure, engage with your audience, and showcase your skills through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. The first rule of thumb: you are your own brand. Once you realize this, you will be able to market yourself via social media. Social media is essentially a digital conversation where people interact and discuss trends and topics.5 Use social media to connect with others who relate to the impact on freelance writers.

Expand Your Network

As you adjust your skillset, utilize social media, it’s time to expand your network. This is one of the most vital parts of marketing yourself as a freelance writer during COVID-19. Reach out to people in the industry who are fellow writers, marketing agencies, magazines and newspapers that are still thriving during this COVID-19 outbreak, and so much more. LinkedIn is a great social media platform to use during this time to connect with professionals in the industry who can offer advice, guidance, and potentially even a job. If you are unsure how to market yourself digitally, contact Tandem Interactive to learn more about our social media marketing services. Expanding your social network is vital during this time. But you can leave it to the professionals if you don’t feel comfortable. Build up your network, so when this pandemic subsides, you will have an army of connections who have your back. The COVID-19 crisis has revealed how interconnected we truly are, and the only way to get through this mess is by sticking together.

While the impact on freelance writers during COVID-19 is tremendous, that doesn’t mean they will fail. Times are tough for the entire world amidst the pandemic. Take this time to market yourself by adjusting your skillset, implementing social media, and growing your inner network. When the world rebuilds itself, you will be ready to conquer the fight for a freelance writing position. If you need any assistance during this trying time, contact our digital marketing experts, who will gladly assist you. Don’t let the impact of COVID-19 knock you down, get out there (figuratively out onto the web, not literally – shelter in place!) and market yourself.

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