Leveraging Alternative Channels for Your Advertising Efforts

The amount of note-taking and Starbucks coffee consumed during the week of Pubcon Florida 2019 was insurmountable. But don’t worry, these are the skills that we mastered in college. On the social media track at Pubcon, I was able to get some great insight from J.D. Prater and Joe Martinez on using alternative channels to maximize your advertising efforts while also increasing your reach and ultimately expanding your audience. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, all your favorite zing words in one blog post. Let’s get to it.

Advertising on Waze

If you’ve ever used the GPS navigation app Waze, or are a “Wazer” yourself, then you’re probably no stranger when it comes to seeing pop-up ads while driving to your destination. This is the ultimate solution for any hangry driver looking for a place to eat on the go. Because guess what? Wazers are constantly engaging with the app. You’re able to reach any user within a certain distance from your location and persuade them to make a pit stop at your business. There are three ad types that Joe highlighted for promoting engagement:

  1. Search Ads

(This ad type will show on top of the screen with your location, ad, and calls to action.)

  1. Branded Pins

(Think of these ads as a virtual billboard that a user is able to click on)

  1. Takeover Ads

(These ads are probably the coolest. When a user stops for more than 4 seconds, advertisers are able to show a variety of ads and calls to action to promote their business.)

So, not only is this a great alternative to reaching your audience in real-time but it’s also extremely affordable! Waze gives you the option to put down however much money you’d like to spend on the ad, how long you’d like it to run, and how far you’d like your reach to be.

Apple Search Ads

So, you have this killer app. It’s a direct marketing channel for your brand and you want the whole world to know it’s absolutely necessary for them. So why not put money towards getting your app up top when users search certain keywords specific to your brand? On Apple’s website under search ads, you’re able to:

  1. Choose keywords and audiences for your ads
  2. Set your own bids and budgets
  3. Pay only when a user taps on your ad
  4. View detailed reports of all key metrics


Best of all, it’s super easy to set up and very cheap!

Leveraging Quora Ads

Who would’ve thought the question-and-answer based website Quora would be your next best advertising channel? With questions that are demand driven, you’re providing users with content that captures their attention and expresses their interests. So, give the people what they want!

There are three ad units that Quora offers – image ads, text ads, and promoted answers. With promoted answers you’re able to take any answer on Quora and promote it. Here’s the great part, you can also retarget anyone who visited that answer. Pretty cool, right?

With Quora you’re also able to target audiences of your choosing. You can either focus on behavioral targeting, contextual targeting, custom audiences and list match, or pixel audiences. This is such a unique way of reaching your audience without coming off as too spammy or “robot-like” in your ads.


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