4 Tips on Developing a Social Media Strategy and Avoiding PR Disaster

How to Avoid a PR Disaster

What every social media strategy needs and how SEO firms create social media strategies that are effective while avoiding PR mishaps

Maybe you can recall the infamous Chrysler Tweet in 2011, where an employee used R-rated language to tweet about Detroit drivers through the Chrysler’s Auto Twitter page?  Yes, he did get fired. But, it was the firm’s PR department that suffered the most. Mainly due to Chrysler not renewing its contract, but, if the firm’s social media strategy had been developed to avoid disasters like this, then things would have been a lot different.

A social media strategy from Tandem is not only outlined for you but it is also managed and held to a higher standard. We understand that one misguided tweet or post can greatly impact the reputation of even the strongest brand.  These 4 tips on implementing an efficient social media strategy, will help reduce the probability of a PR disaster.

1. Develop the Basics of your Strategy

By developing the basics of your strategy, you are setting the tone and formulating rules that need to be clear and specific. Think about all the ways your strategy will respond to key industry changes and how to reinforce them.  Ask the following questions:

• What are the goals of your activity on social media?
• Which platforms will you use to accomplish them?
• What will your activity be like – what kinds of content will be shared?
• Who is your target audience

2. Establish a Crisis Strategy

Make sure that your strategy provides a clear definition of a social media crisis. A crisis can mean different things to different brands. By suggesting what kind of posts can be considered a crisis and providing the fundaments of reaction to them in the effort to alleviate negative impact is a priority.
Many social media campaigns use brand development by using hashtags and later it backfires and damages the overall plan.

3. Choose the Right Speakers

You wouldn’t want someone who works at Mac Cosmetics to speak on behalf of Sephora. No, that would be a disaster. So, choosing the right speaker who will have access to your social media accounts and will be authorized to post for the brand is standing for an awesome social media strategy. Making sure they know the rules and limitations for that business will help reduce a PR disaster.

4. Build Response Scenarios

Tandem knows that providing your team with a selection of ready-made scenarios for dealing with different exchanges, helps with strategizing social media efforts. Being aware that every situation is different and needs to be treated differently is the nature of social media. A well-defined strategy will be to your advantage as it will give you time to decide which approach is best instead of developing one for every new scenario.  Responding to negative reviews and monitoring online conversations will help address situations before the internet does it for you.

Our boutique SEO agency in Ft. Lauderdale, FL has developed a great social media strategy that ensures your social media interactions bring many benefits and greatly reduces the chances of a serious PR crisis.