The Thanksgiving Recipe for Digital Marketing Success

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, copywriters are preparing their content for the holidays. If you have been in the world of digital marketing for a while, you know creating eye-catching content for the holidays can be a challenge. Our team of SEO specialists and social media marketers have come up with the ingredients for success that will make your digital marketing efforts a success!

Just like any successful meal, the secret is in the recipe and the ingredients. Unlike your grandma’s secret recipe for pecan pie, our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency is happy to share our recipe for digital marketing success. We understand the holidays are a time of rest for most — but competitors never rest. Stay ahead of the competition, learn how to face challenges, and take advantage of the opportunities that come from digital marketing, with these ingredients for success.

The Ingredients for Success in Digital Marketing

To make the perfect meal, you need to have all the right ingredients and follow the cooking instructions properly. The same applies to creating content in digital marketing. You cannot create the perfect piece that ranks if you are not following the recipe or do not have the right ingredients for success. We have listed the classic steps to follow for content that stands out among the competition.

Define your goal.

The first ingredient for success is having a clear goal for your content. Without one, it will be hard for readers to understand why the piece was even created or decide who the target audience should be. The clearer your goal, the easier it is to identify a target audience and the better your content will meet the needs of readers.

Do keyword research.

By now, every SEO copywriter or digital marketer should know how crucial an ingredient for success keyword research is. Keyword research is the glue of all your SEO efforts. Garnering views of your webpage is simply not enough, you need to make sure your content is being placed in front of the right viewers. For your page to be able to rank and answer a user’s question, you need to be able to form a precise response. Search for the proper terms and phrases your target audience is using to optimize your content and find potential clients or customers.

Use trust-building components.

Trust-building components are also important ingredients for success. Why? Because this is what is going to get your readers to trust you are an expert or at least knowledgeable. The best way to build trust with readers is to make sure your content contains accurate information and with references and links to sources.

Be authentic in your writing.

Creating original content helps SERPs to index your piece better and an ingredient for success that gives content more exposure. It can be challenging not to sound like other businesses in your field or use the same ideas from other sources, but with practice, it gets easier. At the same time, you will also want to avoid refreshing the same content over and over. If a page is not performing well, consider removing and redirecting it over trying to revive it.

Provide quality work to your audience.

High-quality content is the master ingredient for success and is what Google is looking for. Creating high-quality content means your blogs are the proper length needed to answer the question, have the right level of expertise applied, hold value for your readers, are relevant, and have been edited for grammar and spelling.

If your content does not concisely answer the questions your audience is looking for, revise it. Readers want quick and clear answers to their questions so they can be informed.

If you want to learn more about the ingredients for success to enhance your SEO or digital marketing efforts or to learn how the digital marketers at Tandem can help your business, reach out! As a boutique digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we specialize in organic SEM, social media, neuromarketing, visual marketing, and reputation management in South Florida and throughout the country. We are also a Fort Lauderdale PPC agency, offering award-winning pay-per-click, remarketing, and other paid online advertising services. Contact us or call (954) 519-4114 today.