The Importance of Data-Driven Marketing

What is Data-Driven Marketing? One of our SEO Experts explain how Data-Driven Marketing is Essential

At Tandem.Buzz our team explains what data-driven marketing is and how you should use it to target the right audience.

Our online marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale often finds problems with creating personas to target customers. People and marketers live in a marketing fantasy and create who they believe their target audience is rather than looking at the data to determine their target audience. 

Data-driven marketing analyzes the data behind the people visiting your website. It pulls real information that can help you market toward the right audience. Using data insight tools such as Google Analytics Audience Insight Reports, you can compare converters with overall traffic to better understand customers’ intent. Below are some PPC and SEO insider tips on the importance of a data-driven marketing strategy. 

What Is Data-Driven Marketing? 

Data-driven or data-centric marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on using customer information for optimal and targeted audiences. It allows marketers to measure their wins regarding the response they receive from individual campaigns and real people. 

With these tools, digital marketers can collect accurate data to hyper-segment marketing campaigns and find the best way to target their audience for the highest conversion rates. The trick with data-centric marketing is to combine intent with audience identity. 

How to Do Data-Driven Marketing 

Data is a part of everything we do as digital marketers. Personas are just the foundation of a campaign where data collection is the backbone and helps you target to attract conversions. As part of B2B data-driven marketing, our PPC management team in Fort Lauderdale can often be found running A and B testing on their landing pages to see which one attracts the most response from users. Some of our favorite programs to do A and B Testing include:

Our SEO specialists in Fort Lauderdale consistently collect different KPI benchmarks to implement data-driven marketing into their SEO strategies. A great benefit of being data-centric is forecasting with SEO data and predicting future performance using tools found in Google Analytics. Some key performance indicator benchmarks in Google Analytics we include in our monthly reporting to our clients are:  

  • Pages per session
  • Average session duration
  • Organic sessions 

Data-Driven Marketing Agency in South Florida

Our team of digital marketers prides itself on harnessing the power of data-driven marketing tactics for all of our clients. We strive to push our accounts to be above the competition online and use data to keep track of KPI benchmarks reports and ROI’s. 

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