The Latest Digital Marketing Insights in May 2022

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights in May 2022

Want to know what’s buzzing in the SEO, PPC, and social media worlds? Visit Tandem here for the latest digital marketing insights of May 2022!

Our online marketing specialists are always updated on the latest digital marketing insights. There were plenty of digital marketing updates in May 2022, especially, starting from Google’s announcement of future Performance Max campaigns to a new and upcoming “My Ad Center” feature that will enable users to select the types of ads they want to see more of on their feeds. 

May 2022 Trends in Marketing and Advertising

With the assistance of our award-winning marketing agency, located in the center of sunny Fort Lauderdale, below are some of the latest emerging trends in marketing for SEO, PPC, and social media in May!

PPC Latest Updates

There have been several big updates in the pay-per-click world, keeping our PPC specialists very busy. Below are some of the latest May PPC updates in 2022 that have the potential to change the game:


  • On the 24th of May, Google Marketing Live 2022 announced a handful of updates to Performance Max campaigns that will be rolling out in the near future. The updates include the ability to optimize for in-store sales, A/B testing, audience and auction insights, optimization score and recommendations, and more.
  • Google announced that they are rolling out three new insights reports – attribution, budget, and audience – to the insights page in the coming months. These three new reports will allow users to see how their ads work across Google’s interface, find new budget optimization opportunities, and see how different audiences are driving performance.
  • Automatically created assets are coming to responsive search ads in Google. The assets are generated automatically based on landing page content and existing ads.
  • Google announced a new and incoming advertising feature called My Ad Center, which will allow Google users to select what types of ads they are interested in seeing more or less of in their feed.

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May SEO Trends 2022

Our Florida SEO company understands how game-changing search engine optimization is for a website. With content as your bread and butter and metadata as your dessert, there’s nothing that can trump our efforts. Fortunately, through the efforts of our experienced Florida SEO specialists, we have found the latest May SEO digital updates: 


  • Data democratization has grown in popularity within SEO culture to enable everyone in an organization to work with data comfortably, feel confident talking about it, and – as a result – make data-informed decisions to build better customer experiences powered by data. Our South Florida SEO agency is enabling our specialists to feel more comfortable asking data-related questions and training them on working with the oldest and latest marketing tools to ensure they’re making the best moves for our clients. 
  • While our specialists have always audited client backlinks to take advantage of low-hanging fruit, our agency is pushing for regular backlink profile audits to find the best opportunities for building the domain authority of our clients’ sites. 
  • Google may be showing fewer site links. How does that affect us? Fewer site links can reduce a site’s chances of being clicked on from Google search results, ultimately leading to less traffic and less revenue. To combat this, our digital marketing team is focusing on keyword efforts, both non-branded and branded, to improve the likelihood of ranking higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Google May 2022 broad core update was rolled out on May 25th and will continue to roll out for the next couple of weeks. Some important things to note about this new update include the analysis of all types of content, the promotion of great web pages, and periodic checks of this algorithm. If you were hit by this update, then you need to look at your content and see what you can refresh with Google’s advice.

May Social Media Updates

From YouTube’s weekly ad capping to TikTok’s new TikTok Pulse feature, below are some of the latest digital marketing insights discovered by our very own South Florida social media marketing agency just for you!


  • Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Meta is adding more ad targeting information to its Ad Library Listings. This will ensure access to users’ personal data and insight is limited while offering more transparency into how its systems are being used by different groups to target their messaging.
  • YouTube announced weekly ad frequency capping and new live-stream commerce upgrades as part of its Brandcast presentation for Upfronts week. This will enable marketers to limit the number of times a single user sees their promotion in any given week, preventing ads (that are, quite frankly, annoying) from repeatedly coming up. 
  • Tiktok introduces TikTok Pulse to help advertisers jump on trending content. This new feature allows advertisers to place their brand next to the top content in the For You feed. TikTok Pulse gives brands the tools and controls to be a part of these day-to-day moments and ever-changing trends that engage the community.
  • To highlight and commemorate creators for originality, Instagram is updating its ranking to prioritize original content. The popular platform is also making product tags available to anyone and introducing tag categories that pop up alongside their names in photo and video tags.

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