Latest Digital Marketing Updates in June 2022

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Latest Digital Marketing Updates in June 2022 

Our digital marketing experts remain up-to-date with the latest and greatest – along with the not-so-great – updates in the online world. Speaking of which, the latest digital marketing updates in June 2022 were quite interesting, from Google Search Console’s addition of invalid to valid classifications to new NFT display features on Instagram. If you’d like to learn what’s new in online marketing, below are the latest digital marketing updates from our SEO, PPC, and social media experts.

PPC Latest Updates in June

Our hive is constantly refining our Fort Lauderdale PPC services to ensure that our clients receive the best ad-related support possible. Below are some of the latest pay-per-click updates in June 2022.

  • Google is ending expanded text ads starting June 30th. Google is no longer allowing the creation or editing of preexisting Expanded Text Ads. Instead, Google is heading in the direction of automation with its latest update. They are making this change with the idea of simplifying how ads are created and also how those ads work with the Automated bidding strategy types. Google has statistics to back up his change. According to Google, advertisers could see an average 7% increase in conversions at a similar cost. Google also revealed that 15% of search terms put into Google are brand new or never before seen searches. RSAs help acquire these new potential customers. This may come with a surge in cost due to RSAs also trying to pull people from those new searches. This will make it easier to repurpose ad text on other accounts or campaigns you are running.
  • Google expands verification requirements for finance ads. The roll-out of the new verification requirements will expand in the coming months. In September of 2021, this process was rolled out in the UK, and shortly after, it was green-lit in the United States as well. Google began cracking down on financial fraud in Google ads by implementing a new verification process for account managers. The main goal of this campaign for Google is to protect people from scammers using financial institutions as a cover or front. Advertisers are required to answer a series of questions about their business. They also have to verify their identity and specific details about their business dealings. After initiating the process, you have up to 30 days to complete it and get verified. It should be a priority for advertisers because the deadline to get verified is August 30th. After this date, unverified advertisers of financial institutions will not be able to run ads.

SEO June 2022 Updates 

Our Florida SEO Company understands the importance of remaining in the loop with new Google updates and roll-outs. Our clients depend on our expertise, so we continuously inform ourselves and adjust our efforts according to the latest digital marketing updates. With that said, below are some of the most recent and note-worthy SEO updates of June 2022: 

Social Media Updates in June 

Social media is a continually growing platform, making it a crucial tool in our hive’s toolbox. Below are the most recent social media updates in June, right from the heart of our Florida social media marketing company. 

Our South Florida Online Marketing Services 

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