How to Use Semrush When Writing SEO Content

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There are many SEO blog writing tools that the Tandem team uses to make every piece of content they write optimized to the fullest. One of these great tools is Semrush. When trying to build a strong SEO foundation, one must always consider the golden rule in this study of marketing – content is king. In this article, our team will dive into how to use Semrush when writing optimized content, explaining how to find both new keywords and how to find those of competitors in the same industry.

Using Semrush to Find New Keywords

If you’re writing SEO content for a client from scratch, it is likely that they will not rank for many, if any, keywords at the start. Because of this, it is important to begin making a keyword bank, which is a log of all the keywords the client currently ranks for in addition to those they wish to rank for in the future. In Semrush, their Keyword Magic Tool is where you will find practically all you will need to make such a bank.

Wondering how to use the Semrush tool? Well, it’s not too difficult if you know what industry you’re targeting. Looking up words and phrases that relate to the industry and target market in a way that would benefit the client is simply a matter of typing in a phrase or word, and Semrush will do the rest! It will show how difficult the word will be to rank for and how many people are searching for it regularly. Knowing how to use Semrush for creating new keywords to target is just one aspect that this SEO tool can provide for creating banks. The other beneficial aspect of Semrush lies in understanding competitor analysis.

How to Use Semrush for SEO Competitor Analysis

Using Semrush to find words from scratch is never a bad idea when trying to build up a list of keywords to target, but do you know how to use Semrush when trying to find competitor keywords that you also wish to target? The process of doing so is also made easier by incorporating Semrush into your SEO efforts.

When analyzing a competitor, you will only need to copy their URL and place it into their Domain Overview tool. This tool can be found under their list of competitive analysis tools. After doing so, you will be able to see what keywords these competitors are ranking for and will then be able to place them into your own keyword bank if you find some of them favorable. Using the competitor analysis tool is a great way to build up an amazing keyword bank and get your client in a position for growth.

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Our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts make use of Semrush for more than just finding new and creative keywords. We also use it for its amazing SEO reporting tools, site health features, and more! Semrush is just one of the tools among many that our expert SEO team utilizes. We will put that expertise to good use by helping clients grow their online presence. 

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