What is a Technical Site Audit?

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What to Look For in a Technical SEO Site Audit 

If your business is considering using SEO, one of the first steps is understanding the overall health of your business. A critical step in understanding the health of your business is conducting a technical SEO site audit. A technical SEO site audit is a process where search engine optimizers like the ones at our Fort Lauderdale SEO company look at the SEO elements of your website that are not completely noticed by the untrained eye. In the following article, our digital marketing professionals will detail what the most important elements are in a site audit. Continue reading below to learn more. 

What Go Into Site Audits for Technical SEO? 

There are many different things that go into a successful site audit. One of the aspects that you should pay special attention to is the architecture of your website. The architecture of your website refers to the way that the different pages and blog posts are organized. These should be structured logically so that a search engine’s crawlers understand that the keywords on one page are related to the other ones on the website. Without proper architecture, your website will consist of what are called orphan pages, which are pages that Google will recognize as loosely related or unrelated to the other ones on your website. 

During a technical SEO site audit, search engine optimizers will also look at different aspects of a website that are important. These important aspects include internal linking, navigation, and the headings of a website. Our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing company looks at these parts of a website to determine if it is optimized as much as possible so that it performs at a high level on a search engine like Google or Bing. 

What Are the Most Popular Site Audit Tools? 

Our digital marketing agency uses many tools when they are performing a technical SEO site audit. One of the most popular tools is SEMRush. This SEO tool has a built-in site audit tool that automatically crawls a website to determine what areas need improvement. For example, it will notify digital marketing professionals of any 404 errors and heading errors on the website. 

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