How to Build a High Impact SEO Strategy in 2022

When creating a 2022 SEO strategy, it is essential to consider a wide range of factors

Do you need help building a high-impact SEO strategy in 2022? Read below to learn from our Fort Lauderdale marketing experts how you can hit your marketing goals.

This year, it is imperative that we step up our game to create a high-impact SEO strategy in 2022. Having obtained the knowledge of Wayne Cichanski, the Vice President of Search and Site Experience, our marketing experts in Fort Lauderdale are sharing everything we learned about building a high-impact SEO strategy in 2022 to get the most out of any optimization efforts. It is the best way to help get clients in front of their audiences and deliver on our SEO marketing goals in the new year. 

How to Find New SEO Opportunities 

When creating a 2022 SEO strategy, it is essential to consider a wide range of factors – from analyzing types of opportunities to acknowledging and discovering what will drive impact. The first thing that needs to be done is to observe your current existing ranks, check out what ranks on pages 1 and 2 of the SERPs and spin new pages for split ranks. Split ranks help group everything that falls under similar like-minded intent. Cichanski recommends taking bottom ranks with different intent and spin-off these keywords into a new page for new rankings and opportunities. 


Another significant consideration when building a high-impact SEO strategy in 2022 is to target high-volume keywords. 

Understanding the Marketing Funnel with Keyword Targeting

Understanding the user’s journey down the marketing funnel can help create a content strategy. The aim is for the user to have the ability to move up and down the marketing funnel seamlessly through keyword targeting. A great way to research the user’s journey is by analyzing competitor footprints and cross comparing them with your SEO strategy and efforts. There are multiple areas to consider when analyzing your marketing funnel, including: 


Branded Journey 

Have you acquired a solid SERP position on your branded query? Are there distributors of your product sitting in second or third position? Depending on the type of query, like a product occupier, your efforts may be limited to only getting into positions 1-3. 


Technical Improvements

Google algorithm changes have made it imperative to improve page speed insights. Mobile-first indexing means that most users are searching via mobile, so Google crawlers put more weight on mobile websites and how they operate for the user. When creating a high-impact SEO strategy in 2022, you will want to ensure that it is a quick and easy experience as users utilize mobile search more. 


Page Experience 

Page Experience is a part of the web core vitals. One way to ensure you have a solid on-page experience is by improving time on site and time on page. Our Fort Lauderdale SEO company recommends clearly identifying primary and secondary CTA’s to match user intent as well as finding ways to make mobile page improvements. 


Journey Connections 

One of the most important parts of creating a high-impact SEO strategy this 2022 involves connecting the user’s journey as they move through the marketing funnel. Users should be able to connect up and down the funnel as they maneuver throughout your site and web pages. 

SEO 101: How to Create a Content Strategy 

The key to creating a content strategy for your SEO efforts involves key prioritization methods that eliminate emotional decisions when optimizing. Start planning your SEO content strategy around a systematic process as you create a tactical roadmap. 


When creating an SEO content plan, the goals are to refresh and strengthen existing pages with the highest volume and lowest gap, and then build out new pages to bring into your specific industry market. 


Review Existing Assets 

Map out all of your existing URLs against the correct hero keyword. List out the highest volume keywords for the pages to the lowest, and then provide a score for all URLs. 


Net New Assets 

You can net new assets by comparing existing URLs to the market landscape. Once you agree on the gap found, now is your chance to identify a primary hero term that defines the specific intent of the page. 


Authority Plan 

The next step to developing a high-impact SEO strategy surrounded by content is to isolate and score all the authority gaps found for existing URLs and remove any negative authority across the entire domain. 


Global Technical 

The final step in creating an SEO content strategy is to take care of the website health through technical SEO best practices. Take time to improve page speed and web core virals. Optimize the top 2-3 primary templates that your pages are built off of. Ensure that lazy loading, First Contentful Paint, rendering, and cache, are all up to par with the Google algorithm.  

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