5 Tactics to Write Useful Content

Of course, when we have questions about something, we look to Google for answers. When it comes to SEO content marketing, it’s important to make sure your content answers your readers’ questions and is worth the time to read it. Creating useless content can lead to a decline in traffic to your website and awareness of your brand. There are simple SEO content guidelines you can follow to create content your audience will want to read and share. Our staff of SEO professionals at Tandem Interactive can provide effective tips to write useful content that can help generate leads, pull in sales, and please your readers.

Map Out Goals

Before you start writing a topic, lay down the foundation of your SEO content marketing by setting clear goals for your content. If your blog or webpage doesn’t meet marketing goals, then it will be a waste of time to create, publish, and deliver.

For example, if you set a content goal to have at least three pieces of content to rank on the first page of Google within a year, you must adhere to that goal by writing targeted SEO content with significant keywords. Therefore, set goals for SEO content marketing before other types of marketing strategies.

Cornerstone Content

Once you’ve mapped out your goals to write useful content, pinpoint important cornerstone content that you’d want to rank #1 in SERPs. Implementing cornerstone content gives you the chance to create high-quality content that can help you reach far beyond your goals and ROI.

When writing cornerstone content, use a strong keyword throughout the piece to help bring in a generous amount of site traffic from Google. Along with a strong keyword, select key pages on your site to be your cornerstone content and update these pages with in-depth details while linking related posts within said content.

Use the Best Piece in More Than One Way

Now that you’ve written strong content, you create even more useful pieces from that specific post. This way you can take advantage of the work already published and get even more use out of your original work. For example, you can repurpose a blog post by breaking up the text and using them as a visual aid for a PowerPoint presentation. Make the text visually pleasing by making a graphic design through Photoshop or Canva to compliment your presentation.

Brand Awareness Content

To write useful content for your readers is to let them know about your brand while earning their trust. When readers visit your website, they have an interest in finding out what your brand is with the possibility of becoming a supporter. Write useful content that incorporates creative infographics and videos, company announcements, behind-the-scenes-blogs, and stories so your audience gets a feel for your brand.

Don’t Create Content “Just Because”

Another important tip within SEO content guidelines is to not fudge or rush the content. Slopping something together for readers will make your site forgettable and over time can lead to a decline in traffic. To write useful content is to be authentic and passionate, letting your readers know you are well-informed about a topic and your company.

Sometimes, fleshing out content for your company is time-consuming. Let our exceptional team of marketing professionals at our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing company handle your SEO content needs by contacting us today.