Cornerstone Content: How to

If your business uses an online marketing agency in Florida or you have been scanning the internet for SEO information because you want to be in the know, you have probably stumbled across the term cornerstone content. Unlike some other internet lingo, cornerstone content may not be as self-explanatory. At Tandem Interactive, we are a digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale that uses cornerstone content to give our clients the SEO push they need. So, read on as our marketing agency gives you some cornerstone content basics and explains how something so simple can really make an impact.


What is Cornerstone Content?

Using cornerstone content is just one of the many types of marketing strategies and marketing campaigns that your company can use to improve their digital presence. A company that provides SEO services like ours should help you create stellar cornerstone pages. Cornerstone content is your priority, the most important type of content. Ultimately, your goal is to draw users to these pages and convert a casual perusal to an action such as a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. These pages usually include services pages that explain the services you offer more specifically or provide details about your product. You want cornerstone pages to rank the highest on your website for your most crucial keywords. Ideally, your blogs and less important pages should link back to these pages when it makes sense to do so.


How to Use Cornerstone Content

Knowing the cornerstone content basics and implementing them on your website is a good way to help your site rank for the keywords you want. There are many important aspects to consider if you want to create great, high-ranking content. Our SEO company is here to give you the 411 about using cornerstone content to its fullest.


Not only are these pages crucial for Google, but these pages are also probably the ones that visitors to your site will read most frequently. They need to be written well for both search engines and humans. That means finding a balance between that SEO checklist and content that is enjoyable to read. This is no easy task, so if you are struggling to create optimized cornerstone content that people would want to read, our search engine optimization team can help.


The next important part to using cornerstone content to your advantage is to master your interlinking. You want all blogs and content pertaining to the same topic as your cornerstone content to link back to that cornerstone page. You will also want to link one cornerstone page to another (as long as it makes sense). The secret is to not stop there. Good cornerstone content pages will also link to some of those articles or blogs that discuss its topic in more detail. Essentially, you want your cornerstone content to be encased in a web of links to other pages in your site.


The cornerstone content basics are just one small aspect of the SEO marketing world. If you really want your business to rock the internet, you will want to attack the digital marketing game at all sides. Our marketing company in South Florida can help your internet marketing efforts. Along with SEO services, we also provide Google Maps marketing, online reputation management, and affordable PPC services. Cornerstone content is just the beginning, but it makes a world of difference in traffic to your site.