Voice Search: How to Optimize Your Local SEO Strategy

In today’s technologically savvy world, it’s almost the norm to ask a question to any device and expect a personalized answer. Smart phones, watches, and even homes are allowing users to find quick solutions to an online search. For years it’s been hinted that voice search is going to take over the digital landscape and how users receive online information. The ease of simply talking to your device to receive an instant answer is a major indication on why half of all search queries will be voice-activated by 2020 according to ComScore. With voice search dominating, it’s important to modify or adjust your local SEO strategy to get in front of the right customers.

Why Does Voice Search Affect Local SEO?

Voice queries on mobile devices are most likely local-based as users are looking for businesses in close proximity in real time. As consumers we love convenience and direct answers that solve problems. This local intent can drive foot traffic into local businesses straight from one single voice query. This is a major indicator that a local SEO strategy should be in place for voice search optimization. So how exactly can you tighten up your strategy to target voice search? Our local SEO company in Fort Lauderdale provides the following tips for success!

Re-Evaluate the Keywords You Are Targeting

It’s important to research keywords that are more relevant to voice queries. Long-tail keywords are really crucial in this situation because most users perform voice searches that include full sentences like ‘what are the best breakfast spots near me’. Incorporating natural and longer phrases in your content will help connect voice searches to your business. Adding long-tail keywords as a header tag in content is an effective approach for hitting those conversational phrases without seeming forced. There are numerous resources that can help you find the right long-tail keywords that are relevant and high volume such as Answer the Public and even the Google waterfall.

Tighten Up the Basics

Because we know that most mobile searches have local intent, it’s important to hit the local SEO basics in order to rank in the local 3 pack. Make sure your Google My Business is as optimized as possible with accurate information. An optimized listing includes carefully-chosen business categories, a variety of photos, and consistent Google posts. Building local citations with the proper NAP is also important for local growth. Don’t forget about mobile optimizations and if your website isn’t mobile friendly, this should be a main priority.

Ultimately, voice search can have a major impact on your local SEO strategy. Understanding your audience and what they are searching for is a key component for success. Tandem Interactive is a digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale that specializes in perfecting local SEO strategies for clients. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO services for local businesses.