5 Tips & Tricks to Perfect Content

As online marketing strategies start to advance, companies are shifting focus from implementation to optimization. Content, more than ever, needs to be at the forefront of marketing campaigns to earn attention. As a business, you must put extra effort into your content, or else it can get lost in the bunch. At our Fort Lauderdale SEO company, our team of SEO experts can share effective tips and tricks to create “thumb-stopping” content.


Now that video is bigger than ever on every online marketing platform, it’s important to prioritize this medium of content marketing for your brand. Create videos such as DIYs, explainers, promotional, and so on to gain more views and shares for your business. You can create short videos through tools like Ripl, Animoto, and Promo to compliment your writing content.

Quick Attention-Grabber

When creating video or any other medium to include in your SEO strategy, make sure it grabs the attention of the average user right away. As more traffic is earned from mobile, you have even less time to impress your audience. Mobile users scroll through newsfeeds faster on mobile than they do on desktop – 1.7 seconds for mobile and 2.5 seconds for desktop.1 Create videos with quick motion, engaging images, and headlines that can grab the users’ attention immediately.

Recycle Content

Content marketing 101: repurpose your best-performing content. Give the people what they want! Capitalize on content that’s doing well with your audience by breathing new life into it. Turn your blog post into a video or infographic and make it even more significant to your audience. Take advantage of your best-performing content to drive more traffic to your website and to gain more shares.

Find New Channels

Give your content more Impressions by experimenting with new channels for your online marketing strategies. If you usually post video content to YouTube, switch up and post it on Facebook and Instagram instead in order to gain more views and ROI.

Put Your Content to the Test

When it comes to content building in SEO, you must evaluate your content by testing it out. As mentioned before, focus more on optimization rather than implementation by testing how your audience responds to your content, imagery, and product positioning.

Perfecting your content for your business requires a lot of time and effort to receive great ROI. Contact our team of professionals at our Fort Lauderdale online marketing company to shoulder the work of SEO content creation.



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