Apple Switched to Google From Bing as Siri Default Search Engine

Apple switched to Google again after a year’s long partnership with Bing ended. More specifically, it’s the Siri default search engine that has been updated. As of September 26, 2017, Apple has switched to Google from Bing as the default search engine for voice searches.

Apple, Google and Bing officials have made no comment as the date of this writing.

What to expect:

  • Bing search volume is going to disappear. This will negatively influence organic voice search traffic originating from Bing as well as potential conversions for pay per click. SEO and PPC firms take note.
  • Bing conversion rates will increase. Voice search is still primarily used for look up; so, while reach is increased, conversion on voice search is low. When voice search disappears, conversion percentages will increase.
  • As Apple switches to Google, Bing’s one strong foothold disappears. Bing had a chance to fight Google’s dominance by taking the largest share of search through voice queries. Alexa, Cortana and Siri were all powered by Bing, until now. Alexa and Cortana are still powered by Bing.
  • Google is now the Siri default search engine, and will control a sizable portion of all voice queries as well as web searches. Google will now have the largest share of voice searches on mobile.

Now that the Siri default search engine has been updated again, let’s take another look at why voice search matters.

  • 20% of mobile queries are voice searches. It’s all plain text as well.
  • Voice search is expected to increase to 50% of all mobile searches by 2020.
  • Voice search conversions will explode the moment the APIs can handle bookings, reservations and appointments.

Let us not forget that Apple and Google are competitors on the mobile market. iOS and Android, iPhone and Google Phone. But this is the second major partnership Apple has made with a so-called enemy. It was announced recently that the OLED screens for the new iPhone X were created by none other than Samsung, Apple’s biggest smartphone competitor.