You’ll Never Guess What Google AdWords Did: Google Livestream Recap

3 Key Points From Google's Livestream

Did you miss Google's Livestream Announcement on the latest trends and upcoming Google AdWords & Analytics 360 Suite changes? Here's a recap from Tandem!

Google did it again. Yesterday, Google announced their latest and greatest release in AdWords and Analytics 360 Suite for a mobile-first world.

If you were unable to sit in on Google’s Livestream announcement, here are the major PPC takeaways:

  1. Longer Ad texts are coming! Get ready to revamp your ad copies in the next couple of months. Although Google has not revealed a date for the expanded text ads, Google is already rolling out the beta. However, I have a hunch it will be publicly released this July. With the Expanded Text Ads, the ad copies will include two 30 character headlines and one 80-character length description line. Google’s product team predicts a 20% increase in CTR due to the shift to longer text ads. So get ready!


  1. Forget about bidding up or down on the devices campaign settings tab! Google is rolling out with device bidding, which will enable you to have bid modifiers for desktop, mobile, and tablet up to +900%. Keep your eyes peeled for this feature, as it will change the way you roll out a mobile-first strategy in the near future! Once Tandem’s PPC team gets their hands on these devices’ bid modifiers, our team will be following up with personal findings.


  1. The experience of AdWords is going to be revolutionized as a whole. Tandem Buzz got a life, sneak peek into the future AdWords layout, and let’s just say…Google has yet to meet their match. Google is constantly keeping up with both the demands of online marketers and consumers. For those who are in the AdWords and Analytics interfaces daily, you will have more information accessible on user-friendly and visually appealing charts. I know that the entire PPC nerd squad at Tandem is just itching to get their hands on this new interface! Not to mention, the teasing new rollout of Google Data Studio 360. If you are a PPC guru like the Tandem PPC team, you pull charts monthly, weekly, or even daily and can’t afford the manual labor or headaches from non-OCD formatted reports, you will just die for the new Data Studio 360. The Data Studio 360 enables you to create the most amazing dashboards that are easily shareable. You can pull from several compatible data sources and quickly collaborate with several members of your team.


Yes, Google has been saying “mobile is the next big thing” for the past couple of years. And we get it Google, everyone has a phone that never leaves their side. Mobile phones are the first thing we reach for in the morning and mobile phones are the last thing you put down at night (unless you wear glasses then second to last). So, it is time for in-house PPC managers and PPC management agencies, to begin efforts to lead with a mobile-first strategy! Mobile is no longer “the next big thing”, mobile is here, mobile is now, and mobile is the most used device for all of the where, what, when, why, and how moments that people are searching for.

“There are trillions of searches on Google and over half of those searches happen on mobile” – Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President, Ads, and Commerce