10 Reasons to Start Advertising on Bing

As a business owner, it’s a big deal when you decide to advertise your business online. The internet is a vast and scary place, so where do you even start? Most importantly, where do you want to show your ads?

“Well, everyone’s talking about Google, and I search things on Google all the time, so that’s where I’ll spend my money. Right?”

WRONG! (kind of)

Sure, Google is a great spot to capture leads, but let’s talk about Bing for a minute. Many businesses see Bing as an afterthought; however, it might be beneficial to stop putting Bing on the backburner and get some bang for your buck.

  1. Lower cost per click. A 2018 study conducted by Wordstream looked into average CPC’s across Google and Bing, and on average saw a 35% cheaper CPC on Bing.
  2. Less competition. This is self-explanatory. There are just more advertisers on Google as compared to Bing, driving up your costs and potentially decreasing CTR, CVR, etc.
  3. Ever-Increasing Audience. Sure, there are more advertisers on Google, but there are still plenty of searchers on Bing. Bing’s audience is the most impressive feature: Bing reaches over half a billion people worldwide, with 137 million unique monthly searches per month, and 6 billion monthly searches.
  4. Even better audience info: 38% of Bing’s audience has a household income of over 100k per year.
  5. Privacy is a priority. Bing’s UET tag does not ever capture any Personally Identifiable Information. This is an especially hot topic right now, as millions of users are becoming wary of their personal information being stolen, leaked, or used to target them for other reasons.
  6. Better in-market targeting. Bing offers more in-market audiences than google. (Over 500 different audiences)
  7. LinkedIn. Bing allows LinkedIn profile targeting on company, job function, and industry, so you can get pretty specific with who you’re showing your ads to.
  8. New partnership means more traffic. Bing ads is now the exclusive platform that powers all of Yahoo’s Gemini traffic – so advertisers can expect a click volume increase as 100% of the traffic is expected to be migrated by March 31. This also means the current traffic that Google is driving to Yahoo will be gone and replaced by Bing; therefore, traffic may increase 10-15% on average.
  9. Increased mobile traffic. With the new partnership, mobile traffic will be increasing. (Since everyone is always on their phones, this is great news!)
  10. MSN and Outlook targeting. Bing offers about 150M users per month exclusive to MSN and Outlook that will be reached through Bing targeting as of March 31, 2019, so reaching your ideal client just got a little bit easier.