3 Things to Look for in a PPC Agency

Sometimes, good PPC can be hard to find.

As digital marketing continues to thrive, it’s become more of a feat to find a PPC agency that you want to entrust your company with. When sorting through the nearly endless list of potential PPC agencies, there are a few traits you must keep in mind. The digital marketing experts at Tandem.Buzz, PPC for small businesses, agree that any effective agency worth your time and money should have these characteristics:


All it takes is a few clicks to discover whether a PPC agency is certified. The minimum certification is Google AdWords, which requires that an agency complete a digital marketing course. With this, greater professionalism is guaranteed.

Some higher certifications exist, which distinguish more competent PPC agencies from less able ones. If an agency is certified as a Google Partner or in Bing Ads, then you should consider them even more than the one before.


You may not want to place the life of your company into the hands of a baby PPC agency. Research potential places to investigate agency track records. Keep in mind the category of your company, as well, and research if an agency has worked within your niche before.

If a certain agency is established in your field, then it should have a huge advantage over other, less particular digital marketing places.

Read through case studies and testimonials, too, and gain a better understanding of an agency’s success rates and history. After all, longer experience usually means increased competence.


Straightforward though it may be, this one is incredibly important. When the fate of your company rests in the work of a PPC agency, you want complete clarity. Make sure that you have access and insight into your company’s dealings at all times. Your agency should present you with performance metrics in a well-organized way, also. The rights to your company should always be yours, so you should always have access into any aspect of it whatsoever.

If you’re searching for a PPC agency, or an agency that specializes in PPC for small businesses, consider Tandem Buzz. We’re a PPC and SEO agency you can trust and will get your company where it needs to be as far as digital presence goes. Your company is too important to be tossed thoughtlessly into the complex world of PPC.