The Old New Coke is Coming Back with the New Season of Stranger Things

New Coke is making a comeback after 34 years in hiding, and it’s all in conjunction with Stranger Things, a well-known Netflix show that will premier its third season running this summer.

New Coke and Stranger Things

Airing on July 4, 2019, the third season of Stranger Things takes place in 1985 – the same year Coca-Cola launched a new version of their famed Coca-Cola product (which didn’t work out so well for the beverage company). This “New Coke” was a complete fail. So bad that Coca-Cola actually had to pull the product from the shelves and stop production as a whole.

For the first time in over three decades, Coca-Cola is bringing back New Coke in attempts to reach more people than ever. The red cans got some airtime in the first two seasons of the show, including the memorable scene where Eleven crushes the can with her mind.


This time around, they’ve worked out a partnership with Stranger Things, not only selling the old New Coke featured in the series, but also with a limited time upside-down Stranger Things inspired Coke can design. This partnership between Coca-Cola and Stranger Things brings great opportunities for both parties from a business and advertising standpoint. Coca-Cola as a brand is constantly innovating, always putting their product right in the faces of their consumers – and in this case, they’re gettin’ after it. For Netflix, this partnership is a means for advertising their product and services through different channels, such as the beverage industry.


How Can I Get New Coke?

  • On May 23, 2019, at 5 p.m. EST, Coca-Cola is releasing a limited number of 12-oz cans of New Coke with the original formula released in 1985. You can get them here.
  • Stranger Things vending machines will also be featured in several cities throughout the summer, offering New Coke for purchase. You may see these vending machines pop up starting Thursday, May 23, 2019 in New York City.
  • People who purchase a ticket or a gift at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta during the week of June 3-9, 2019 will have a chance to get New Coke cans for free, while supplies last.


Coca-Cola is taking a stab at breaking through to the internet with a great big marketing leap, and honestly, we’re here for it.

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