Discovery Ad Campaigns: What Are They?

Google has now launched new Discovery campaigns that will run across the YouTube home feed, Gmail social and promotions tabs, and the Google Discover feed. This new campaign type in Google Ads follows Universal App Campaigns in which advertisers simply upload their assets and Google serves what it believes to be the best performing ads across different properties. This is an additional automated campaign type that Google will soon roll out. Machine learning has been taking over in order to help speed up the optimization process for businesses. Many advertisers can benefit from this new feature and it’s important to understand exactly what it is and how to run a successful discovery campaign.

What Is the Discover Feed?

You may be wondering “what exactly is the Google Discover Feed?” Previously known as the Google Feed, the Discover Feed appears on the home page of the Google app for iOS and Android as well as the Google homepage on mobile devices. Users can customize their personal feeds based on interests and what they would like to see. Google also considers web and app activity, device information, and location history to personalize all feed content. The discovery ads differ depending on the platform where they are shown. On YouTube and the Discover Feed, these ads are similar to native in-feed ads in order to give it a natural feel to the user. Just like display campaigns, discovery campaign targeting is based on interest in-market and affinity audiences. All discovery ads are on a cost per click basis.1 Because discovery ads can be shown on multiple channels, the reach automatically expands.

Why Discovery Ads Are Important

Because there is no search intent, discovery ads are a promising brand awareness effort. Advertisers can take advantage of audience data and serve relevant images to potential customers. It’s important to get ahead of the game and start thinking of different ways to serve ads as opposed to traditional search and display. While discovery ad campaigns have not officially rolled out, we can expect to see this new campaign type later this year. Tandem Interactive is a digital marketing and PPC agency located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our professional PPC services can show you effective results and a return for your local business or large franchise. Contact us today!



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