How to Show Up in Local Search Results


There is no surprise that having your local business’s website show up in the Google Local 3-pack or the general local search results is not easy. There is not a lot of room for small local businesses to rank on the first page of Google with online directories and ads filling the page. Tandem Interactive, a south Florida digital marketing agency understands that there are multiple components that go into ranking in local search results and there is still hope for all you small businesses out there! Considering these factors for your business will help your chances with ranking locally.


As mobile search continues to increase, Google puts a lot of weight on where the searcher is physically located at the time of the search. Proximity stills seems to be a very significant factor if not the most significant one when ranking in local search results. The businesses that are closest to the searcher will ultimately rank in the results.

Google My Business Categories

Selecting the most accurate and specific business categories for your GMB listing is very important for any business to rank in local search results. Make sure to not select too many categories which will only confuse Google on what your specialty actually is. The more specific the category, the better! Perform research on your competitors to see the categories they are using and try to emulate them.


Google does take into consideration your online reviews not only on Google, but on Facebook, Yelp, and other reputable sources. If your business has more 5 star reviews than your competitors, you will ultimately rank higher in the local results. Be sure to ask your customers for constant feedback by creating reviews.

GMB Posts

Adding current posts to your GMB listing is a great way to engage with your customers by providing them with up-to-date deals and specials that will effectively help your local rankings. You will receive insights and potential transactions through your unique posts and it’s a great way to out-rank your competitors with this type of content and real estate.

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