Pokémon Go Increases Foot Traffic for Small Businesses and Restaurants

The Pokémon Go Attraction

Pokémon Go, the latest Internet craze, gives an entirely new meaning to digital marketing for restaurants and small businesses all over the country.

Pokémon Go Gets Customers in the Door: Lures for Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant owners all over the country are spotting an unusual amount of people fascinated with their phone screens outside of their windows. Driving people out of their homes and onto the streets, Pokémon Go is instant popularity and nothing short of a social media epidemic. The smartphone application has more than 65 million users in just one week of its launch date. However, what does this mean for small business owners, restaurants, and restaurant marketing?

Restaurant marketing specialists put it simply, Pokémon Go merges the classic Nintendo game from the 90’s with the digital world in 2016. Small business and restaurants are now cashing in on the virtual reality by implementing the most cost-effective strategy of digital marketing we’ve heard of so far.

With very little effort, employees are dropping a “lure module” on their place of business, which is a tactic in the game to attract Pokémon. People who play the game are able to see the lure since it is public and indicated with pink confetti on the landmark in which it was dropped. In hopes of players getting the urge to sit and eat while waiting for Pokémon to show up, business owners claim that Pokémon Go has, in fact, caused an increase in daily foot traffic.

Places that do not often benefit from the latest trends are now all the craze because they are marked as Pokémon training gyms or PokéStops, popular places to restock on all of the essential items needed to be a successful Pokémon master. The amount of people that the location-based augmented reality application game is attracting is unreal. Store owners and digital marketing agencies could have never seen this coming, as far as the free restaurant marketing goes. While groups of people are trying to catch ‘em all, the local businesses are trying to catch the people who are trying to catch ‘em all!

To say the least, Pokémon Go is giving restaurant marketing a new, creative twist on how to increase the circulation of customers at their business location.


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