Moz Local’s New My Business Console Tool

Tandem Answers the Why's and Hows?

The Moz Business Console is a new feature aimed at creating some new innovations for SEO specialists and businesses alike. Tandem Buzz discusses more

Behold, My Business Console, a new feature created by the engineers at Moz that will make importing locations from Google My Business to Moz Local even easier!

Why the Added Feature?
If you’re like our Local SEO experts here at a digital marketing agency, Tandem Buzz, you’re familiar with uploading Google My Business locations to Moz Local via the CSV upload process. For bulk submissions, you would simply export the CSV file from your Google My Business dashboard and upload to your Moz Local account. However, this process was extremely hands-on and therefore prone to errors.
How it Works
Starting this week, users can import bulk listings from Google My Business by selecting “Import Listings” via the “Add Listings” button. This feature will link your Google My Business account and Moz Local account, making it easy to add or remove managers in bulk or by individual location.
Using My Business Console
Start your free user experience by heading to the My Business Console homepage and selecting “Connect with Google”. After you enter your Google My Business login credentials, you will be able to view each location you are owner or manager of. For every location you own, you’ll have the ability to manage who is able to edit location information and remove anyone you no longer want to have manager access to.
Furthermore, you’ll also be able to add a manager to two or more Google My Business locations by simply selecting the desired locations and clicking the “Add” button.
To add or remove a manager on all of your business locations, head to your “Business Accounts” within My Business Console and add or remove a person there. This will keep you from having to go into each location and grant or take away manager access individually.


At our online marketing agency, Tandem Buzz, we agree this feature will come in handy especially when a person joins or leaves an organization.