How to Remove “Permanently Closed” from a Google My Business Listing

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Are you having trouble with your Google My Business being marked "permanently closed"? Don't fret. Here's how to fix issues with old business locations being marked as "permanently closed" on Google.

Are you having trouble with your business listing being marked “Permanently Closed” on Google, and what does “Permanently Closed” mean?

This is actually a fairly common problem, especially for local businesses that have relocated. What’s a business owner to do when its customers are faced with an ugly, red sign on Google that reads “Permanently Closed”? We’ve put together a set of tips on how to remove “Permanently Closed” from a Google My Business listing.


Tip #1: Update the information on your GMB listing.

Update your business name, address, and phone number in your Google My Business dashboard to reflect current and up-to-date contact information.


Tip #2: Search for and claim duplicate listings.

This tip is often overlooked by clients who don’t understand why their business is showing as “permanently closed” on Google when they’ve already updated their verified Google My Business page. It usually means there’s ANOTHER listing that Google is pulling search results from. So, claim all duplicate listings of your business and update them with the current address.


Tip #3: Contact Google My Business and ask their support team to mark an old location as “moved”.

Local SEO experts suggest reaching out to Google via Twitter for a faster, more effective response. By doing this, an old listing will eventually disappear from Google Search and Maps; and Google will implement a 302 HTTP status code that will redirect customers to a new location.


For more information on managing your local business listing on Google and how you can optimize your business opportunity in Google Local Search, contact our digital marketing experts at Tandem Buzz today.