How to Choose an SEO Company

There are plenty of mistakes that can be made when it comes to putting the reputation of your business in the hands of a digital marketing agency or independent marketing consultant. If the decision to incorporate SEO in your business plans is important to you, choosing a reliable SEO company that meets the needs of your business is just as important. How do you know which company can drive the results you need for your business and online reputation? Here, we’ll help you along in your decision regarding what to look for and how to choose the right SEO company for your business goals.

1. Be open and specific about your goals and look for someone who can meet them.

First and foremost, in order to find the best team to put together your marketing campaigns, you’ll need to be very direct about your business goals. These goals should include areas of your online presence that you’d like to improve. Don’t be vague! What do you want to accomplish with SEO? Are you targeting a specific group of people in a niche market? Are you trying to boost downloads or sign ups? Spell it out for your potential marketers.

2. Avoid an SEO company that provides you with unrealistic offerings.

By unrealistic offerings, we mean that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. When looking for affordable SEO services, seek out a company that will offer realistic results, rather than guarantees. Because SEO is an ongoing process, results do not happen overnight – and if a consultant says otherwise, they’re not being honest. Stray away from an SEO firm that guarantees rankings, provides you with flashy sales, or claims that you’ll get instant leads upon signing with them.

3. Look for signs of effective communication.

As we’ve said before, and will say again, SEO is a process. Chances are, you can be working with a specific SEO company for years. Effective digital marketing work takes time, patience, and plenty of communication between you and your chosen agency. Make sure your style of communication and their style of communication match, and that they provide a level of communication that you’re comfortable with. This is imperative, as you allow this company to manage the online presence of your business.

4. Ask plenty of questions.

They’re the experts! Right? You should feel comfortable to ask your future SEO firm questions and they should be able to respond with honest, straightforward answers. Pay attention to how they react to your questions. How is their attitude? Are they passionate about helping you and your company? Are they beating around the bush with vague answers that don’t necessarily satisfy you?

Good questions to ask an SEO agency before hiring them are:

  • How often will you be reporting back to me?
  • What tactics will you be using to drive traffic to my site?
  • What services will you deliver, and how frequently?
  • How many hours a month will you be working on my account?
  • How will you be optimizing existing content on my site?
  • Will you be creating more content for my site?
  • Have you ever worked on a site in my industry?
  • Will you be using white hat practices?


While search engine optimization can be confusing, there are honest and trustworthy digital marketing agencies that can take care of your campaigns and digital strategies for you, so you can focus on running your business – just make sure you’re focusing on choosing the right one.

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