No Ifs, Ands, or Bots About It: Instagram’s Ban on Fake Accounts

Businesses utilizing social media marketing may have noticed a drop in their number of followers, or perhaps a decrease in interaction. At Tandem Interactive, we know that social media is an important part of any successful online marketing strategy. There are many types of marketing strategies and services, and social media marketing is a realm that requires a specific approach. With Instagram’s recent removal of fake accounts, aka bots, it’s time to revamp your Instagram marketing plan for improved performance.


What Happened to All My Instagram Followers?

In November 2018, Instagram made a push to remove what they branded inauthentic activity. They worked to remove fake accounts, and with those accounts, likes were also removed.1 Using machine learning, Instagram flagged bot accounts and began to remove them. This may have resulted in a drop of followers on your personal or business Instagram account.


How Can I Improve My Instagram Marketing?

While there are many types of marketing strategies, Instagram can be one of the trickiest. Our social media marketing experts share tips for improving your Instagram marketing strategy:

  • Be authentic in your posts
  • Engage with your audience
  • Know your audience
  • Post visually-appealing content
  • Use hashtags (they’re your friend!)


If you’re in need of more tips regarding social media marketing, online marketing strategies, or types of marketing strategies, contact our team today. We offer affordable SEO services, social media marketing, and more!



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