Google’s Upcoming Switch in Search Console

Google’s back with yet another update, but this time it’s for Search Console. As we all know, Search Console helps us retrieve reports for the search traffic and performance of our webpages, along with helping us fix important site issues. Nevertheless, Google will implement some changes to our dear, old Search Console by adding some features while revoking others. Our specialists at Tandem’s digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale can give you the breakdown of these soon-to-come updates.

New Google Search Console Updates

The following features will be put in place by Google by the end of March:

Sitemaps Data in Index Coverage Report

Google’s going to make it easier to zero in on URLs site owners want to focus on by applying an Index Coverage report within the sitemaps data.

Users can select and filter data in the Index coverage report to track URLs presented in sitemap files.

Crawl Errors in Index Coverage Report

In order to make the list of crawl errors in Search Console more functional, Google will now focus more on inaccuracies and patterns used for site indexing.

Since crawl errors will move to the Index Coverage report, Google is ensuring issues will be found and fixed quicker by site owners.

User-Management Moving to Settings

The user-management interface will be transferred to the Settings section. The features of user-management from the old Search Console will be interchanged with the new one.

Fetch as Google via the URL Inspection Tool

Site owners can now check and evaluate URLs on their website through the new and improved URL inspection tool on Search Console.1

Along with adding “Fetch as Google” features, this URL Inspection tool displays information such as HTTP headers, page resource, and the JavaScript console log.

To get pages updated in search results faster, the URL inspection tool can also be used to submit them for re-processing.

Old Google Search Console Features Being Removed

Along with the incoming new features to Search Console, the following features will be removed or replaced:

  • Android Apps: Google will remove this feature, as its functionality has been transferred to the Firebase console.
  • Old Crawl Errors Report: As crawl errors will now be included in the Index Coverage report, the old report will be removed.
  • HTML Suggestions: Over the years, Google’s algorithm has improved on showing and enhancing titles; Search Console will no longer display information for short and duplicated titles.
  • Property Sets: Since not many users use this feature, it will be replaced by an option to manage a Search Console account over an entire domain.
  • Crawl Errors API: This feature will be removed given that Google condemns the crawl errors API.
  • Structured Data Reporting: All Structured Data types not supported with Rich Results features will be removed.
  • Blocked Resources: The standalone section will be removed seeing as blocked resources are found in the URL inspection tool.

Stay tuned for more Google updates from the experts at our digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale or contact us at Tandem Interactive for Fort Lauderdale search engine optimization services!


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