Build Your Brand Using Yelp to Help

Online marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, Tandem Buzz, tells you how you can positively build your brand reputation through Yelp.

Yelp is a great restaurant marketing, Internet platform that can target people in your local area that are searching for “food near me”, “Italian”, “pizza”, and more. Restaurant owners are able to position their name, address, website, and other vital information on their Yelp profiles for consumers to see; however, Yelp is based primarily off of reviews. Online marketing agencies in Fort Lauderdale can help you make the most of your business’s Yelp profile with a couple of user suggestions.

Online reviews are a big deal.

How many times have you searched for a specific company or store and have come across a negative review? How many times did that bas review you read deter you away from using that business’ services? Chances are likely that you went to another business that had better reviews and was right down the street as well.

Responding to reviews is a big deal.

Now, think back to that bad review – did you see that the brand responded to the reviewer in hope to appease the situation? The right way to go about dealing with negative reviews on Yelp is by sending a civil response to the reviewer with respect and understanding, while also offering some sort of solution. With the assistance of an online marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, you can focus on your business, while marketing focuses on your brand reputation. When other Yelp users see your interactions with your customers, it shows your ability to connect with the people who are keeping your restaurant running and that you care about your customer. Oftentimes, great customer service can trump a bad review, because consumers now know that if anything happens, they will be taken care of.

Encourage your customers to write reviews.

You can offer them a reward for honest reviews, such as a free appetizer, drink, dessert, or a certain percentage off of their bill. There are endless possibilities to ensure that your customers are aware that your business is an advocate of Yelp. Encouraging customers to submit reviews is also a great way to show that you truly care about your brand reputation and their comments on their personal experience at your establishment.

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