How to Read and Understand Majestic for Link Building

Heres a Few Tips to Help You Read Majestic

A brief and comprehensive guide to read and understand Majestic to unlock the benefits and develop a successful link building campaign

The first initial reaction most people have when introduced to Majestic is usually that of confusion. While many expert Majestic users find it easy to understand, some still struggle with the ability to read it correctly. Thankfully, Majestic was designed with the user in mind. With the help of this Site Explorer, Tandem has utilized all the data collected from Majestic to perform awesome link-building tactics for franchises.

Majestic is a backlink analysis company that constantly analyzes domains on the Internet. It provides a detailed analysis of backlink information surrounding a specific domain, sub-domain, path, or URL.  We have broken down the website’s features into sections for an easier way to grasp the Majestic concept.

Starting at the Majestic homepage, you will find a search box where you can enter the domain, URL, or search phrase you wish to analyze. On top of this search engine box, there is a compare button you may press to compare multiple URLs. Once you have entered your domain, the site explorer results in summary page appears. Here you will find a summary of all the data collected for that domain.

Trust Flow Chart. At the top of the summary page, you will find the trust flow and the citation flow, which is analyzed through a pie chart.  The numbers shown from 0-100 tell us the relative quality combined with the trust & quantity of citation of links to that URL. It is broken down further in the Topical Trust Flow section where you can see the trust flow by category or topic.

The Domain Information. Underneath the trust flow charts is the domain information center. This area provides an overview of the backlink figures collected from Majestic’s data. You will find highlights such as how many referring domains or backlinks the URL has or how many links the URL currently has from specific topics.

The Link Profile Chart is located next to the domain information. This section maps out the two key link evaluation metrics: the citation flow and trust flow. These easy-to-understand numbers from 0-100 show how effective a URL is based on the flow of links.

The Backlink History Chart plots the creation of new backlinks split between external backlinks and referring domain figures. Selecting either chart takes you to the backlink history tool, which allows you to compare up to five domains and to record backlink data side by side.

The Backlinks section shows your most valued backlinks sorted by the URL flow metrics scores, trust, and citation. Here you will see the source URL, Anchor Text, and target URL, as well as the citation flow and trust flow scores, any flags, and the dates in which the links were first indexed.

At the top of the page where the tabs are located, you can find individual tabs to all the sections in the summary page. Each page goes into further detail about the URL.

Our link-building reports for franchises are measured with the help of Majestic and we continue to find trusted backlinks for our clients through this site explorer.