Google Panda Demotes Low Quality Sites

Still unsure about Google Panda? Tandem Buzz, digital marketing company in Fort Lauderdale, clears up the confusion regarding the spam fighting algorithm.

Tandem Buzz, a digital marketing company in Fort Lauderdale, reports on Google’s Gary Illyes and his recent statement clearing up some information on Google Panda. Google Panda is a spam fighting algorithm that stops sites with bad quality content from achieving higher rankings.

Google is constantly evolving to ensure that the most relevant content appears in your search results. This is accomplished through a series of algorithms. Google Panda has an impact on websites, and it is sometimes confused with how Google Penguin (another Google algorithm) affects your site. If you do not play by Google’s rules and have high authority backlinks, Penguin will devalue your site, or at least parts of it. Panda, on the other hand, measures the quality of your site’s content and adjusts your ranking accordingly. Poor quality sites receive a Panda demotion, pushing it back to stop it from working and receiving traffic.

First released in February 2011, Google Panda was a periodic update that would adjust search results by rewarding quality websites with higher rankings. It has since become a core ranking signal applied into their main algorithm, which is constantly working to demote bad sites.

If sites want to continue to receive online traffic, they have to ensure their website reaches Google’s standards. If not, Google considers the entire site to be of lower quality. Taking this information into account, our team at Tandem Buzz creates well researched, custom content for your brand to strengthen your online presence and reputation, the correct way.