The Dawn of the Voice Search Era

"Hey Siri!"

The dawn of the voice search era has begun. Learn what this means for your SEO efforts and how will this affect the way users find your company here!

How many times have you used voice search on your smartphone this week? Before we delve into the Tandem SEO tips for voice search, ask yourself if you are amongst the people who have taken to this method. If not, it may be time to start talking to your smartphone.

Smartphone personal assistants like Siri and Cortana began as novelty features, barely used and oftentimes forgotten until users accidentally triggered the launch button. I will admit that in the past, the only times I activated Siri were by accident. My accidental launch of the application is usually followed by frustration in an attempt to get her to stop talking and disappear. I remember times where I have literally said “go away, Siri”. Sometimes, Siri even comes back with a witty retort. But almost overnight, everything has changed.

Voice search has exploded onto the market, dominating a significant share of the methods by which users are searching. SEO firms are taking notice, and optimizers are hunting down SEO tips for voice search in efforts to stay ahead of the game. The landscape is about to change, and it is crucial that you are ready.

Voice Search and Keyword Research

A typed query and a voice query are very different; one reason is because users are much more economic when typing a search query. Oftentimes, they will use as few words as possible and the query itself may be limited to particular keywords, not specific questions. Voice searches are a different beast, altogether.

There are two things that have stuck out in voice search queries:

  1. The queries are longer.
  2. Users will ask questions in lieu of typing in keywords.


Though keyword research may remain the same at first, long tail keywords are going to become valuable to industries that receive traffic from mobile devices. You have to think of the queries as a snippet of dialogue, and consider how the way in which the users will talk to their smartphone.

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