The Most Important Question to Ask in Local Search Marketing

Why Should You Ask This Local Search Marketing Question?

Tandem Buzz answers the most important question vital to achieving success in any local search marketing campaign.

According to the local search ranking factors that Moz released, the top three ranking factors are content, links, and whatever Google RankBrain decides is important.

Here at Tandem Buzz, we work hard to make all of our client’s websites unique with captivating content and amazing local links from the most authoritative sites. But how is this actually achieved?

In order to achieve outstanding local search results for your clients, you need to ask one question: “Why do you deserve to be number one?” Some will give generic answers such as, “Because we are a better company” or, “We have better customer service.” However, you should never settle for generic fluff.

Dig in for a detailed answer to the most important question to ask in local search marketing, and the rest of your job will be surprisingly easy.

A thorough answer to the question will make content a piece of cake.

When your client gives you a detailed answer it will make writing content unbelievably easy. You will have no problem outlining what sets their business apart from the competition, explaining what their process is, and giving an in-depth look into how the company is involved in the local community. On top of that, you will have no trouble developing they’re about me, product, and service pages.

A great answer to the question makes link acquisition simple.

With a thorough answer as to why your client’s company deserves to be number one, link building will become a much simpler process. You will have direct access to any knowledge about community involvement or other noteworthy events that your client supports, thus opening the door to tons of local link opportunities. These local links will be unique, which will create a noticeable effect on the site’s local visibility.

Asking this important local search marketing question makes you and your team look good too.

This question demands a well-thought-out and detailed answer, which is something your client will definitely notice. Many agencies approach their new clients with a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all SEO strategy. Starting a relationship off with one of these local search marketing questions will not only differentiate you from other online marketing agencies but will also communicate that you truly care about your future client’s company and about getting them tangible results.