Whoop Whoop! New Changes to AdWords

Google Adwords 3 New Features

Our PPC team has the scoop on some new changes to Google Adwords that you need to check out for the benefit of your business.

In the digital marketing industry, marketers understand that our space is always changing. With an awesome partner like Google, the innovation and design made to enhance search results and to help consumers find what they are looking for has endless possibilities.
Those familiar with AdWords know that Google is always updating their system based on complaints and rolling out new features to help with better reporting – better reports mean a better understanding of your demographic, which will allow you to serve better ads and HOPEFULLY result in more sales.
Here is a breakdown and explanation of the new features introduced by Google AdWords in the past 5 weeks.
Dynamic Sitelinks.
If you have seen ‘really long site links appearing in your PPC ads that you didn’t create, DON’T PANIC! Dynamic Sitelinks, similar to traditional site links, are pages within your site that you enable to show in addition to your PPC ads. When a search query is performed, Google will match your website’s content to the search and link directly to the page. These dynamic site links are not only relevant but include many more characters than traditional site links – consuming more real estate and therefore improving your chances of clicks and conversions.
You do not need to sign up for Dynamic Sitelinks, Google will automatically enable the feature when their algorithm believes it is a relevant fit.
True View Shopping.
If your company is currently participating in YouTube video ads and are an E-Commerce store get ready for YouTube’s newest rollout. In addition to showing a video ad on YouTube, you now have the ability to feature your product as a Product Listing Ad within the video so your customer can purchase!
What this means is if you have a video running on “Best Make Tips for Contouring” by Sephora, Sephora now has the capability to showcase every item they are using in the video with a “Buy It Now” option in the corner.

Wayfair was among several companies that trialed the feature and showed a 3x revenue increase per impression compared to their previous campaign; other companies have seen brand lifts as high as +80% and +54% in ad recall.
Enhanced MCC Reporting.
For agencies that manage multiple accounts or franchises that monitor multiple locations within one MCC, your complaints have been heard! Google AdWords has recently released enhanced MCC Reporting that will allow high-level access and reports for up to 20 accounts.
Some of the formattings that has been enabled in this new reporting system are columns, segmentation, and filter application. You are also able to make bulk edits to budgets and activate/pause campaigns.