Google is Strongly Encouraging Mobile-Friendly Sites

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

Within a decade more people will access the internet on their mobile devices which means mobile friendly sites are not a luxury but a necessity.

How many times have you been told that mobile is becoming increasingly important or the next big thing in search? Have you taken steps to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly? If not, the time has arrived for you to make sure that your website provides an optimal user experience and not doing so can result in an a negative impact on your SEO. Google has even confirmed that they are experimenting with using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in November. If that does not make you take mobile seriously, only a penalty will. Google also began sending mass notifications to webmasters who have less than mobile-friendly sites. These notifications came with a threat that under-optimized pages would “be displayed and ranked appropriately for smartphone users” (yikes!).


First thing’s first: is your site mobile-friendly or not? Google has made it pretty easy to check with its Mobile-Friendly Test tool. You can also use Webmaster Tools’ Mobile Usability feature to check for errors and other usability issues. If you find that your site has issues, make it a priority to fix them. Some common fixes are:


  • Make sure that your site’s content is readable without zooming and scrolling
  • Use inks and navigation that are easy to click on from a mobile device
  • Avoid software that is not mobile friendly, like Flash, and avoid excessive JavaScript
  • Ensure that your landing pages and contact forms are easy to fill out from a mobile device

Once your site is officially mobile-friendly, Google will slap a “mobile-friendly” label on your organic listing in the SERPs (score!).



Mobile traffic is skyrocketing, but plenty of webmasters are not even sure how much of their traffic is coming from mobile devices. Make sure to check out your site’s mobile traffic in Analytics. It can be found under Audience>Mobile>Overview. You may be shocked to see just how many users are funneling in through their phones.



MTV recently redesigned several of its web properties and reported a 92% boost in mobile visits and 297% increase in time spent for their MTV Shows page. Those are results that speak to the power of mobile!

Whether you are an e-commerce, B2B or B2C website, it is in your best interest to have a mobile-friendly site. Your mobile traffic—and quality of mobile traffic—will see increases, and oh, Google won’t blacklist you from mobile listings. So take the time and make your website is mobile-friendly today!