Monoprice’s iPhone6 Products Release: A Great Example of E-mail Marketing

The Top 5 Email Marketing Strategies

Check out Monoprices's iPhone 6 product release through email marketing. We are analyzing their email campaign, and giving you insight into why they did this right.

Tick-tock, tick-tock. The time is always ticking and it does not stop for anyone. In fact, we live our lives according to the time of day, so why should the way we market be any different? Answer: it shouldn’t be.


The timing seems to always be a pressing matter, but when it comes to using it as a marketing tactic it can very well be a gift. Let’s look at Monoprice as an example. I received an e-mail yesterday afternoon from Monoprice promoting their new iPhone6 products on the same exact day Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc., unveiled the iPhone6 to the general public. To be even more time-specific, I received the e-mail 54 minutes after the Apple event kicked off! Now that is what I call “perfect timing.” This example perfectly demonstrates how timing can be used in your favor in e-mail marketing.


Overall, everything about Monoprice’s e-mail marketing strategy is brilliant. They perfectly utilize five top email marketing strategies, three of which are heavily influenced by time.

  1. Timing, timing, timing! I can’t stress this enough. Monoprice’s timing lined up perfectly with the iPhone6 release and played off of one of the largest and most anticipated announcements since the original iPhone. This can be utilized for any company or product in like with any major event or holiday, or even birthday.
  2. Most importantly, relevance is a key factor and without relevant content, timing is completely useless. The Monoprice iPhone6 cases go hand-in-hand with the iPhone6 release, catching the consumers in the hype of it all. If you want to eat, you need food. If you want the iPhone6, you absolutely need an iPhone6 case. It’s that simple.
  3. Deals. Consumers love sales, offers, and free stuff. Who doesn’t? This is why e-mail marketing must drive deals. And these deals can and should revolve around timing. Again, Monoprice displays this perfectly by advertising iPhone6 cases at the low cost of $5.60. Other forms of time-based deals you can promote are limited-time offers, holiday/event/birthday deals, seasonal discounts, or anniversary offers.
  4. Apart from timing, it is important your email has a clear and simple call-to-action. Your targeted audience needs to be able to understand what it is you want them to do whether it be sign-up, click, or purchase an item. Simply put, short and sweet is what your call-to-action must be.
  5. Remember to not underestimate the use of quality e-mail marketing. Consumers have consistently shown that they prefer permission-based marketing communication through e-mail. This strategy puts the power in the consumer’s hands which in return creates trust and future loyalty. Just make sure the content and timing are relevant!

So whether you are hosting an event, having a sale, or featuring a new product, if you can find a customer-friendly way to send both an announcement and reminder email, you’re stacking the odds of success in your favor. And remember, timing is everything!


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