Pubcon Vegas 2014 – The Big Picture in Online Marketing

How Online Marketing Has Changed Over Time

We are looking at 2014 Pubcon Las Vegas and the big picture in online marketing that your business needs to be following to make your online presence a success.

Last year, I felt that the big overarching theme of Pubcon was “do more with less”. This message permeated through all of the keynotes. Urging the use of neuromarketing for the subtle changes that do more and pushing for conversion optimization to make your website work harder for you. Google is keeping more of the SERPs traffic because they are trying to enhance their user’s experience.

This year I had two major take-a-ways from Pubcon Vegas: the “internet of things” is here and “be useful to be successful”.

The “internet of things” is a major concept to understand. Online marketing started with email, websites, and banner advertising. The main consumption point of those channels were desktop computers, but then laptops steadily grew in usage; and furthermore, tablet usage. Coinciding with the increasing use of tablets, large mobile phones are now the standard (Samsung Note 4, iPhone 6+, Nexus 6, etc). In the past, online marketing was somewhat confined to the world of computers. Today, we have “the internet of things”.

When imagining the “internet of things” think about how many devices can connect to the internet:

The “internet of things” revolutionizes the advertising industry (again). How do we promote specials at a restaurant as a Tesla is driving by? How does Google change your search results when they know you are home because of Nest? If you are running and using an online device to track your activity, should you get an ad for running shoes? Who doesn’t want a happy baby? What if those tweets were sponsored by other baby products? Online advertising is not just website marketing anymore!

Watch for my follow-up post to discuss the value of “being useful” and tying it to each of the Pubcon keynotes.

In the meantime, you can read Brittni’s session coverage on Pubcon’s Blog: