SFIMA Pubcon Summit 2018 Key Takeaways

Team Tandem attended the 2018 SFIMA Pubcon Summit in our hometown of sunny South Florida, and here are just some of the awesome things we learned…

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This past April, Team Tandem joined hundreds of digital marketing professionals at the SFIMA Pubcon Summit in sunny Fort Lauderdale. Pubcon is a large community of marketing and technology professionals coming together to exchange digital marketing best practices, network, and create new business opportunities. Here were our team’s top takeaways from this year’s conference.

Voice search is not taking over the world.

Wil Reynolds delivered a captivating Keynote on voice search and how humans react to new technologies. Research on over 1 million voice queries that began with “OK Google…” only showed two industries that had a higher than average “OK Google” search. One of the top searches was “Call Mom,” so we can gather that this is not something we have to be on high alert to switch our attention to just yet.

Remarketing ads can go very wrong.

Simply put, bad remarketing consists of a single product focus, no segmentation, and bad timing to name a few. We need to create unique messaging with less repetition to capture a hot audience.

Mobile-First Indexing is here.

To be ready for the update you should start with a mobile-first site audit. Create a responsive site and get rid of any device-type redirects from subpages to the mobile homepage. Make sure to add schema wherever you can and install AMP to accelerate your mobile blog pages.

Don’t ignore the Google My Business Questions and Answers Field.

Your customers are using any opportunity to review you. Make sure you are paying attention to what people are saying and that you respond to questions before someone else does. This can be a huge downfall if other users respond with inaccurate information about your business. Pro tip: Add your FAQs to this section and respond with the appropriate answers.

Schema: Google is moving towards JSON-LD.

When data is messy and disconnected, JSON-LD organizes it and connects it to create a structured result. JSON-LD is simpler to implement, due to the ability to simply paste the markup within the HTML document, versus having to wrap the markup around HTML elements (as one would do with Microdata). Google is moving away from Microdata and moving towards JSON-LD and is the recommended format.

Think outside of the box for creative link building tactics.

Rather than just going after local directories, reach out to schools, churches, local competitions and events, and youth sports programs to establish relationships as well as get that link-back! Build smart links the first time to avoid messy cleanup.