Google Ad Grants Changes and How It Affects Your Non-Profit

Google Ad Grants announced at the end of December that they would be revamping some of their rules and restrictions for their non-profit grant program. There were many changes made, so our PPC marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale wants to make sure you understand how it can affect your organization’s advertising strategy.

If you are not familiar with the Google Ad Grants program, here’s a quick rundown. The grant offers eligible non-profits all over the world $10,000 of in-kind advertising each month from Google AdWords. The Google Ad Grants account works just like the paid AdWords account, with some limited restrictions. It’s a wonderful resource to non-profit organizations who want to raise awareness for their products.

Some of the changes announced were lifting the $2 bid cap when campaigns use the maximize conversion setting, a new requirement to maintain a minimum 5 percent click-through rate, a geo-targeting requirement, prohibition on single-word keywords, keywords with quality scores of three or higher, and more. Many non-profits are happy about the end of the $2 bid cap, which allows them to use more of the full grant amount and compete better with specific keywords. However, the 5 percent CTR rule will likely be a problem for non-profits bidding on highly competitive keywords.

So how can you make sure your PPC marketing strategy is solid with these changes? Here are our suggestions:

Improve your AdWords keyword quality score.

One of the new requirements for Google Ad Grants accounts is that keywords must have a quality score of three or higher. Implementing things like location targeting and extensions, conducting a negative keyword audit, and more can all make a difference in your quality score and keep your account running smoothly. To learn more about how to improve your quality score, click here (LINK TO NEW WP ABOUT QUALITY SCORE).

Use a paid AdWords account alongside your Ad Grant account.

To avoid some of the limits you will face in your free account, it’s a good idea to create a paid account to help. Creating even a limited budget can help you continue to build your brand.

Create remarketing campaigns.

Retargeting and remarketing are great ways to stay engaged with users who visited your site, but didn’t follow any calls to action. To learn more about retargeting from our PPC marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, click here.