Joe Laratro and Tandem’s 2012 Search Engine Marketing Resolutions

2012 Marketing Resolutions

Check out our 2012 Search Engine Marketing Resolutions and strategies, and your business could have a website that is rocking the search engine results pages.

Joe Laratro and Tandem have some search engine marketing resolutions for you to start the new year off right.

1. Follow the SEO Diet. I preach/teach the SEO Diet at conferences and I fulfill those SEO guidelines for my clients… but I do not take care of myself the same way. The plan is to practice what I preach and add regular content to Tandem.buzz , our Blog, and work on monthly high-quality link building to up your search engine marketing.

2. Give and Get Google+ Love. I am very pro-Google+. I love that they are now pushing TV commercials promoting it. I think when the world understands that it affects search, it will really be game on! In the meantime, I plan to use it for checking in, integrate it more into our sites, update it with valuable content, and get +1s wherever possible.

3. Be more proactive with client communication. Monthly reports are great, but the majority of Tandem’s clients are happy enough with their cash registers ringing and do not rock the boat. That is not good enough in 2012! Tandem was named for working in “Tandem” with clients. The more feedback we get, the better we can do. Tandem’s family has grown with the addition of Lauren Demarco. She comes from a customer service background and will be reaching out to everyone to get them more involved.

4. Research, Experiment, Learn. This year can prove to be a major game-changer in Search. Social is going to matter more for regular SEO. The algorithms are going to get better. Local search optimization is getting harder. We are going to continue to devote time every day to learning. This is not an industry where the status quo breeds success.

5. Track, track, and more tracking. Last year Tandem embraced Basecamp for our project management. It has been an invaluable tool for organization and accountability. We are going to continue this trend with more in-depth reporting for 2012. We are also going to sharpen our focus with Google Analytics through custom reports and its latest features.

Happy New Year and welcome to a prosperous 2012.

Joe Laratro