Highly Innovative Local Marketing Strategies

Tandem Gives You Local Marketing Strategies

Get your local marketing campaigns to the next level with our highly innovative local marketing strategies from the South Florida digital marketing agency.

More so than ever before, local marketing is a crucial tool for small businesses. There are many methods small businesses can utilize to improve their local outreach and connect with customers in their local communities.

As an internet marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we know all too well that effective local marketing strategies are the perfect mix of search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, content, and social media interaction.

In order to make sure you turn into a local marketing legend, check out our list of highly innovative local marketing strategies.

  1. Promote your latest customer reviews on social media.

While you already know that customers want to read reviews, you may not know that the key is to make your reviews more accessible to potential customers. A great way to achieve this is by incorporating them into your advertising. Our local marketing strategy experts suggest leveraging Facebook advertising so that you can quickly spread brand awareness.


  1. Make sure your Yelp categories are correct.

Yelp categories are extremely important when it comes to local marketing strategies. If you advertise on Yelp, the queries that show your ads are determined by the categories you choose. Furthermore, where your business is listed organically is also determined by your Yelp categories. By simply getting your Yelp categories correct, you can start to immediately impact your lead volume.


  1. Promote your content on social media, especially Facebook.

Social media platforms are a goldmine for helping you brand your local business. No matter if you are a B2B or a B2C, you are always going to be advertising to people who love to consume content through social media, especially Facebook.


  1. Use remarketing strategies to generate customer reviews.

If you have a confirmation page when people fill out a form or a lead, add a remarketing tracking code to it; from there, you can set up a list in Google Analytics that tags customers who visit that specific URL.


  1. Find customers who are active on Yelp to avoid not recommended filters.

At Tandem Buzz, our local marketing experts know that there is nothing more frustrating than reviews that you have rightfully earned that get sorted out by the “not recommended” filter. Avoid this by reaching out to Yelpers who are also customers.


  1. Leverage your Call-Only Ads.

If you are a local service business that drives sales through phone calls, then Call-Only Ads are a lifeline. Call-Only Ads allow your business to completely avoid landing pages and give you a way to advertise directly to your customer.


  1. Email mobile coupons to track offline conversion intent.

Anyone who is trying to optimize their local marketing strategies knows that offline conversion tracking is a daunting task and often relies on the dependence of micro conversions. Luckily, Tandem’s local marketing strategists have a solution: email coupons! A great way to track both conversion intention and execution is a coupon that the consumer can request through email and show on their phone when they make an in-store purchase.