Portner Counseling Group: Helping Customers Help People

Counseling of Southwest Florida

Check out another one of our customer spotlights. See how this client is helping others and how we are helping them.

Casey Portner of Portner Counseling Group is a long-time customer and friend. Casey has dedicated his life to helping young people who suffer from the disease of addiction, alcoholism, and mental illness. Casey came to me when he first opened his practice in Pompano Beach and was looking for ways to drive traffic to his new website, and to grow his new business. I took a look at the site and was immediately impressed with the work he had done. I was excited about getting his campaigns setup and went right to work. Casey does everything from drug and alcohol evaluations to individual and group counseling to interventions. Based on the wide variety of mental health services offered we came up with several different ad groups and ads for Casey as well as a multitude of keywords and keyword phrases.

As soon as the campaigns went live Casey saw increased traffic to his website as well as an increase in phone calls asking for more information on the different counseling services he offered. Over the years this traffic has continued to increase and his practice has grown from just a handful of clients to a robust practice. Casey runs several therapy groups during the week as well as a large contingent of individuals that look for his guidance on a weekly basis. It is a wonderful feeling for me to know that I in some small way am helping people in need find the help and support they are so desperately seeking.

It is always a pleasure to help customers grow and succeed, but in Casey’s case, it is extra special to know that it’s not just him that’s succeeding it is the clients that are getting better one day at a time!