Using Digital Marketing to Attract Tourists and Locals in South Florida

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There's a lot of strategies that go into digital marketing. Tandem Buzz specializes in helping local South Florida companies get their name in front.

Are you tired of trying to get new clients? Are you having trouble spreading the word about your awesome company? Tandem Buzz, South Florida’s premier digital marketing agency, can work with you to relieve your marketing stress and help you acquire new clientele.

Many South Florida companies are out to target tourists and snowbirds, essentially not realizing that they do not bring constant footwork into your business. In fact, tourists have rarely repeated customers year-round, though they may be in your shop religiously once a year. Bringing in new clients regularly is the only means of keeping a company afloat in South Florida. Whether you rent out paddleboards, kayaks, or other water activities, there is a lot of competition in the local tourist arena.  In order to try and dominate the competition, local businesses opt for digital marketing services for tourist attractions or online marketing efforts that target both tourists and locals alike.

Tourists who are in Florida for a few days do not have the time or patience to research and weigh their options when searching for the best paddleboard rental shop nearby. Instead, tourists are in-the-moment consumers. They will Google something along the lines of “paddleboard rentals near me,” click on the nearest location that offers the best price and become that lucky paddleboard shop’s new customer. As a local tourist business, your digital marketing strategy needs to cater to this type of search query through the use of a local SEO package.

Local businesses need to realize that it is not luck or simply getting listed on Google Maps that gets your paddleboard shop to be listed first. There is a lot of work and strategy that goes into digital marketing a local store such as a paddleboard rental shop.

There are several ways in which you can digitally market tourist shops:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Local Marketing
  3. Paid Digital Marketing
  4. Organic Digital Marketing aka SEO

In South Florida, it is summer year-round; and for companies catering to tourists, finding time to market yourself can be difficult. Luckily, Tandem Buzz specializes in helping local South Florida companies get their name in front of not only the locals but also the tourists.