Local SEO for Franchise Marketing

In need of local SEO for your franchise? Read more on how our team at Tandem can improve your local SEO for franchise marketing.


Why Franchises Need Local SEO?

If you’ve opened a new branch of your business, local SEO for franchises is beneficial to make sure that the location gets listed in Google Maps, shows up in local directories, and comes up in the SERPs when consumers are searching your key terms and phrases.


Your company’s name is not only one of the most essential parts of your brand, but it’s also an important keyword. It must be consistent across the web, so search engines can recognize which results to fire off when it’s typed as a search query. The physical address and phone number must be consistent as well, so prospective customers can find you or call you.


If you want data-backed decisions, solid strategies, transparent reporting, and a strong local presence in SERPs, Tandem’s franchise marketing team can get you more on the internet when consumers are searching for local services.

Using Local SEO To Market Franchises

It’s important to proactively protect your franchise, and you can do so with digital marketing for franchises from Tandem.Buzz Marketing. Your franchise will portray a positive tone, and present what your customers are looking for.

In a reactive sense, if you’ve been in the game long enough, you know that as a business owner, you can’t please everyone. However, what you can do is properly respond to each negative comment and allow yourself the opportunity to prosper from it. With our franchise reputation management team, you will no longer have to spend time with:


  • An unsatisfied customer in a social media crisis
  • Negative reviews
  • Hate from competitors
  • Incorrect business information
  • Outdated information

Team Tandem analyzes your current digital reputation and develops a detailed strategy tackling unique issues pertaining to your franchise. We continue to monitor your online presence regularly, legitimately measuring the digital success of your franchise. Our team knows how to work quickly, proactively, reactively, and in Tandem with the goals of your franchise as a whole.


Team Tandem
working for you

  • As a franchisor, you may have independent franchises in multiple locations. It’s crucial to your business to implement an SEO strategy that works for each location – that’s where local SEO for franchise marketing comes in. Even if you have an established business and you’ve opened a new location, it’s vital to let the public know that your business is located just miles down the road and offers what they’re looking for.

    Team Tandem starts at the beginning, localizes with purpose, optimizes your website for responsiveness, and cleans up any other local listings in SERPs to ensure that everything is accurate and consistent across the board. When looking for local SEO for franchises, look no further than Tandem, so get started on expanding your SEO franchise opportunities by contacting our digital marketing team at (954) 519-4114 today!

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