Social Media Voice Guidelines

scabble pieces spelling out social media with a cell phone next to it logging into Facebook

To become a master of social media marketing, there are some sure fire techniques you should be following.

Although similar to traditional advertising efforts in some way, social media advertising is its own skill. Tandem Interactive social media strategies vary by client but there are a few general social media voice guidelines we can all adhere to.

There are two options to advertising:

  1. Create product + develop advertisement + buy ad time = Profit
  2. If your company has the influence and capital, it can use crafty methods like product placement to get messages out. Some companies were even brazen enough to have entire films based around their products (e.g. Harold and Kumar go to White Castle) This is still a go-to method for most companies, and it works.

However, social media allows for much more relevant communication. Your company’s social presence can actually translate twofold: traditional advertising, and social media voice (the much more modern equivalent of product placement).

Our daily lives are fraught with advertisements that are so interwoven into our existence that we literally see them next to pictures of our families and friends (I’m looking at you, Facebook and Instagram). Social advertising is cheaper, it can be measured, and you can interact with your customers. Your social media voice will change your marketing game forever.

Social Media Voice Guidelines:

  1. Know the Consumer

We’re talking demographics. Social media platforms have analytics, which allow for you to monitor your target audience. Use the platform to your advantage: ask questions, publish surveys, and stay interactive.

  1. Do Not Just Post Lead Generating Material

If your online marketing consists of posting nothing but business links to generate leads, then your social media voice is reminiscent of the dread, bored cashier regurgitating lines in the checkout lane. It helps to post solely for engagement: holiday messages, current events, and fun company news is a great way to keep friendly with your followers.

  1. Do Not Be Afraid to Change It Up

You have to try new things. Finding your social media voice requires that you use it. Get online and figure out what works for you and your business. Your customers might enjoy informative info, funny memes, or inspirational and motivational posts.

  1. Social Media Audiences Can Be Fickle

The social media crowd can turn from love to hate and back to love in just a number or days. Sometimes, the online hate can really pile on. Remember, whatever you post on social is there forever. If in doubt, hire a digital marketing firm to do it for you.

  1. Interact and Have Fun

The most important guideline regarding social media voice is simply to use your social media. Check and keep up with your accounts, interact with your customers, and enjoying it! You may not have time, which is fine, but your company needs social media, and you need a strategy to develop a social media voice. Again the solution is simple: find a digital marketing firm like Tandem Interactive to take care of your social media advertising today!