How Social Accounts and Customer Service Help Your Business

desktop computer icon with social media logos floating around

Businesses sometimes over look the connection social accounts have directly to the level of customer service their company provides. It’s an easy way to help improve both overall for your business.

It has become clear to almost every business that is exercising digital marketing that social accounts are a key element to success. Tandem Interactive, a trendy digital marketing agency is South Florida, states that the ability to reach your customers on the platform of social media is a crucial element to the success of your business. What is often an afterthought is something that should be taken to heart by any company striving to create a loyal customer base. The connection between social accounts and customer service is an element, that if nurtured properly, may make your company not only more credible, but can also ensure that your consumers return with a smile on their faces.

The Basics.

What you say and post on your social accounts reflect directly on your business. Think about what a consumer would take away from what you are posting. It is important to gear your social presence to not only current customers, but to future ones as well.

Being social has been proven to be much more than what “you” or your company posts. Potential customers look more at what others post about your company. It is a well-known component that any company would never post anything negative about their own business. In order to obtain unbiased opinions, followers will use reviews or tags to decipher if your business if worthy of their time and money. Tandem Interactive suggests treating your followers just as you would a customer in person.

Listen to Your Followers.

When people post on a social media platform and mention or tag your business, it is because they want you or other customers to be aware of their experience. Make sure these reviews are positive, and if it is not, do the best you can to turn it around as soon as possible. This is where social accounts and customer service really begin to intertwine. By having a social platform or team to manage your accounts, you can ensure that your customers are being treated just as well virtually as they are in person. Do not fall into the common practice of submitting the same automated response to every post that you are mentioned in. Taking the opportunity to interact with your customers will set you apart from the rest. Do not miss this kind of opportunity.

Do Not Get Spread Too Thin.

Something to consider is how many viewers or followers you are reaching and the volume of posts and tags you have to respond to. Tandem Interactive suggests creating multiple social accounts for companies that are nationwide and have multiple locations. Not only will this provide a more manageable way for you to reach your customers, it will allow them to be connected on a personal level. If a corporation has a social account and someone posts about a specific location, it is likely to go unnoticed. This is a huge element of customer service that should be taken advantage of. Do not just wait until your customers are physically in front of you to make an impression when you have the ability to reach them 24/7.

Be Timely.

Another key element of social accounts and customer service is time management. Posts and comments are often an impulsive and are a passive gesture. If you wait too long, you could potentially miss your opportunity to make an impression.

Tandem Interactive is confident in the ability to create the best connections between social accounts and customer service. Let us help your company not only understand why your business needs social, but also how to utilize these practices to make your business as successful as it can be with virtual customer service!