SEO for Franchises and Digital Marketing Management

skyline of franchise buildings

An experienced digital marketing firm can handle the the type of tailored SEO strategy needed for franchises versus one business branding.

Tandem Interactive is a Fort Lauderdale SEO firm that specializes in paid search and SEO for mid-sized businesses and large franchises. While we focus on franchisees as well, we still stay in contact with the main office in order to maintain branding.

SEO for franchises is difficult, which is why more companies prefer experienced online and digital marketing firms to handle all their online marketing needs.

What makes Franchise SEO different:

  1. Branding vs. Locally-Targeted

Franchisors care more about branding whereas franchisees care more about local targeting. A good SEO firm will manage both for you.

Brand image and overall product awareness is important to the parent companies, and the SEO and PPC strategy should reflect that. The parent company will often outline exactly what is needed, and it’s up to the SEO firm to create a strategy that works on both national and local levels. SEO for franchises is handled best when all locations, strategies, and management are consolidated.

Local listings and geo-targeted keywords are used to create a presence for the individual locations. Although some local owners might not see the need for SEO, the results will speak for themselves and it doesn’t take long for a local owner to reap the benefits of an effective SEO campaign.

  1. One Domain with Many Sub Domains.

It is far more effective to have one domain with many sub domains. The goal with SEO is to generate leads and sales, which will ultimately grow the business. Part of that goal is to make sure your website is ranked high enough so it is seen by the best possible audience and potential clientele.

Fort Lauderdale SEO firms will advise you to have one root domain with location specific subdomains. SEO for franchises depends on the idea that both the individual locations and the brand itself benefits from all campaigns.

  1. Local spending online is important

While franchisees don’t want to spend money on local campaigns, it is still important. A consolidated effort will have a far more positive effect on the business as a whole, as well as for the individual locations. Personal and local go hand in hand, and customers want to feel like their neighborhood franchise store is a part of their actual neighborhood and not just a conglomerate.

Mobile use accounts for a staggering amount of internet access. Ensuring that each location is well represented with the correct information is essential to the success of SEO for Franchises.

  1. Understanding different markets

Although Tandem Interactive is a Fort Lauderdale SEO firm, our company is tasked with creating SEO strategies and content that is specific to the industry and to the area. SEO for franchises requires a keen eye and the ability to empathize with potential markets all over the U.S. It takes experience to not only understand what each market needs, but to actually create SEO content that targets that market; here at Tandem Interactive, we have just the experience you need in order to achieve the success you want.